Everyone is so busy these days, it seems like there is never enough time to get the things you have to done – let alone having time for the things that you truly enjoy. It’s easy to let hobbies take a back burner while you are taking care of responsibilities that must get done. But you don’t have to let metal detecting be one of those things that you wish you had time for. You can have a successful and fun hunt even when you are short on time, and there are even some benefits to doing so.


You don’t have to set aside a huge chunk of time to get out and hunt with your metal detector. The next time you have a free hour and you start to think that it isn’t worth it to go for such a short time, consider these benefits to hunting on a schedule.

Energetic Body and Mind

If you are an avid detectorist, you know that it is usually in the beginning of a detecting outing that you feel your best, have the most energy, and are on top of your game. When you have been out all day, searching and walking and digging, you get tired. You may pass over alerts thinking that they probably aren’t worth the trouble to dig, and you may not pay attention to swinging your detector carefully and methodically.

When your mind and body are fresh, your concentration is better, you’re not tired from a long day of detecting, and you are less likely to miss anything. Those are all advantages that can make your hunt successful.

Extra Motivation

Knowing that the clock is ticking on your hunt will give you extra motivation to be focused and alert. It is usually early in searching that you are the most excited, filled with anticipation of what you might find, and that additional energy is motivating. It’s especially invigorating if you have been looking forward to the hunt for a while. When you only have a short time to detect, you’re more likely to hunt smarter – and that’s what leads to a great outing.

First-Find Phenomenon

How many times has your very first find been your very best find on a detecting trip? It happens a lot. That’s what detectorists call the “first-find phenomenon.” Of course, it doesn’t always happen that way, but it happens enough that it isn’t explainable by the laws of probability. Probably the most reasonable explanation is what is listed above. At the beginning of a search, you are at your best. Your body and mind are fresh, you are excited and motivated, and you are likely to hunt the best areas first – logically and carefully.

The next time you think that you don’t have time for metal detecting, remember the benefits of a one-hour hunt and grab your gear and get outside. You might be surprised at how great it feels and at what you find. It may be one of your best hunts of the year.