The Quest Q 40 is one of the newest metal detectors at Kellyco. It offers a wide range of features that any detectorist is sure to appreciate like a waterproof search coil, IP66 rated control box, auto ground balancing, and preprogrammed search modes.

 For my hunts, I decided to leave it in all metal mode to start out and see how that did with the park I go to. It was very chatty and was kind of distracting so I manually notched out up to targets that ring in at a 20 since there is some overlap on the scale it uses.

While I was out there I had a kind older gentleman start up a conversation. He told me that he had an old detector that he picked up at a garage sale but was thinking about getting something newer. He also informed me that even though the area is used for larger events and a fair, that there are usually workers with metal detectors as they are cleaning up. It was kind of disappointing to learn that, but better than continuing to hunt there and wondering why all I keep finding is trash - old pull tabs and can slaw in particular.I thanked him with a smile and went on my way.

The next hole I dug was about 6 or 7 inches deep. The Q 40 kept giving me a signal, but without a pinpointer (I forgot to grab one on my way out the door) it was really hard to find. After about 5 minutes of digging and scanning each chunk I pulled out, I finally found the source - a modern pull tab. At this point, my kids were done with the park and looking for something to eat so we decided to pack it up for the day.

The following week I took it back out but was fully geared. This time I followed the walking paths along the river since that was more likely to have coins but also just as much trash since people are known to fish from the area. Most of what I pulled up was from old aluminum cans. A bit frustrating but it was giving me a good reference to know what numbers those would ring up as.

I finally got a 90s signal and thought I may have found an older coin. I took my time digging it up,mostly because it was in soft sand. It was about 8 inches down and definitely was NOT a pull tab, but it wasn’t a coin either. I’m still not sure what it is, but it looks like brass and almost like a spent shotgun casing, though I know that isn’t right either.

The rest of my time out was just more pull tabs. Even though I didn’t find any good targets I was happy to see that when it finds a target it rings clearly and consistently, even 8 inches down. I do think it’s time to start detecting at other sites for the possibility of better targets.



Happy Hunting!