If you are a solo detectorist, you’re missing out. While detecting alone is still fun and can be a welcome distraction from the busyness of life, detecting with a partner has some benefits that you can’t enjoy alone.


Benefits of Having a Detecting Partner

The following are just some of the benefits to including a partner in your metal detecting hobby.

You get to socialize. Detecting with a partner allows you to fraternize with someone who shares your love of detecting. While you may have friends and family that take an interest in your hobby, there is nothing like hanging out with someone who is just as passionate about it as you are.

It’s safer. Some of the best sites you’ll find are in older parts of town, rural areas, or areas with rough terrain. It’s never a good idea to hunt in those types of places by yourself. You never know what might happen while you’re detecting, so having someone with you should an emergency arise makes sense.

You can hunt more sites. Two detectors cover more ground than just one. So, while you may have to share the finds of specific sites, you will be able to hunt more.

You can motivate each other. Sometimes hunts don’t go as you hope – you end up digging far more trash than treasure. When that happens, rather than cutting a trip short, your partner can encourage you to keep searching, and vice-versa.

You can present a united front. Let’s face it, you are far more likely to knock on doors for permission to hunt when you have your pal with you. Not only do you not want to break the rules in front of your partner, but it’s comforting to have a friend by your side when you approach strangers.

You can learn and mentor. No two detectorists do things exactly the same. That means that when you metal detect with a partner, you have the opportunity to both learn and teach new things. It’s a great way to hone in on the great skills you already have and to pick up some fresh ideas that may not have occurred to you.

You can engage in friendly competition. A little bit of competition is a good way to liven things up – especially if you and your detecting partner have similar detecting experience. Like any teammates, you can compete in a friendly manner, making bets and doing a little bit of trash talking as you see which of you comes out on top at the end of the day. Just remember that if you’re competitive, keeping it friendly is important. You don’t want to run off a new partner after just one outing.

Unless metal detecting is your way of getting away from everyone, you’ll find that it’s better to metal detect with a partner. It will add some extra excitement and fun to your hunting trips and it may mean that you find even more great treasure.