Detectors are usually either highly specialized or a "Jack Of All" treasures. Specialized detectors, like gold or relic machines, give up being able to hunt for other targets very well. All-purpose, on the other hand, find a wide variety of targets but may lack in depth or separation. The Makro Multi KRUZER bends that to the max!

To get a good understanding of how the detector work, I took it out in our test garden. I went through the settings, detecting modes, and the ground balance. Changing the settings is very intuitive. You can keep the basic settings or go in and change them for advanced detecting.

The really neat thing about the Multi KRUZER is that you can choose one of three operating frequencies. Depending on what you are looking for you can set it to 5, 14, or 19 kHz. I decided to leave it at 5kHz so I could get the best depth at the river.

I changed up my hunting location to the Indian River Lagoon shoreline. On most any afternoon you can find people hanging out, fishing, or playing in the river. I figured it would be a great spot to make some recoveries. It also would give me a chance to see how it handled in saltwater conditions. The river is brackish water because of the inlets that lead to the Atlantic Ocean.

Knowing that it's a popular spot, I arrived early in the morning. Of course that early it was cold and windy.

I started out in 3 Tone mode so I could see how that handled the ground conditions. It chattered worse than my teeth & couldn't ground balance, even though I stubbornly tried for several minutes. Finally, I switched it to Beach Mode and the Multi KRUZER balanced out quickly.

To test it out, I found surface bottle caps & pop tabs. After picking those up I moved to the water line. After 10 minutes I found a deeper target. It was ringing up in the 40's and showing about 7 inches down. I started digging and realized I was not getting this target. The hole was filling up with water & sand even though I was a few feet from the water.

At that point, I filled the hole in & walked partially into the water. You can see in the video below that it chattered a bit in the water but not too bad. Once I walked back onto the wet sand it was very stable.

[EDIT - Video Removed Temporarily. We will be doing another video soon! Still looking for a beach performance video of the Multi Kruzer? - GO HERE]

Realizing I didn't have the right equipment to do much more, I went ahead and packed up. I look forward to taking it out there again soon. I'll be sure to have a beach sand scoop so digging is easier.

Overall the Makro Multi KRUZER is a solid performer as a saltwater beach. I can't wait for treasure stories to start coming in. In the meantime, I will keep an eye on the finds in my Instagram feed.

Learn more about the Makro Multi KRUZER here.