One thing we can count on every year is at least one hurricane or tropical storm to form in the open waters. Being prepared is a normal part of coastal living, including the possibility to find new treasure on the beach after a storm. The larger the storm the greater the chance to find something. It may seem like it’s because of covering a wider area, but the real reason lays in how fast the winds are blowing.



Under the Waves

It’s easy to see the force that the wind has on the ocean topside but think that it’s calm underwater. The truth is that the waves being whipped up causes strong currents underneath. According to, each wave creates circular downward currents that taper off in strength until they lose all power or hit the seabed.

A very strong storm has the potential to stir up the sand and uncover long lost treasures. In that same breath, it can destroy fragile artifacts before they are recovered. Either way, divers and salvors like Booty Salvage can have the chance to see parts of a sunken ship that were buried long ago. It also means that other shipwrecks could be reburied since the sand is shifted, not destroyed.



Beach Erosion

If a storm comes close enough to shore, sand can be taken out to sea. It all depends on the direction that the waves come to shore. According to Marty, one of our metal detecting experts, waves that come in at a 30-45 degree angle do the most damage to the shore line. Sand loss on the beach is not good for those who live there but can be great for detectorists.



When it’s safe to travel to the beach, detectorists will be greeted with sand that has shifted and in turn the potential for new treasure. Saltwater beaches are known to be harder to hunt because of the mineralization which causes a lot of chatter. Depending on the detector, this greatly limits the depth that can be searched. The removed sand makes it so the deeper targets are now closer to the surface.


To maximize your experience, it is best to use a detector that is made with beach hunting in mind. They are designed to handle the mineralization from the salt so that they pick up on deeper targets without being too noisy.



Hurricanes are powerful forces of nature and should be taken seriously to stay safe. Once the all clear is given, heading out with your detector can mean you find one of your best finds ever. As always, please be safe and obey local law enforcement. You are more important than anything you may find.