It happens to most detectorists at one time or another – a detecting slump. It’s easy to feel discouraged when your three-hour hunting trip leaves you empty-handed. While a detecting hobby isn’t always about the finds, you have to admit that it’s the finds that keep us motivated to go out again and again.

The great thing about metal detecting as a hobby is that it provides us with some options regarding what to do when we are feeling discouraged or unmotivated. Here are three things that can help you regain your metal detecting mojo.

Using New or Different Equipment

You may have a favorite detector that you use for most of your hunting, but changing it up might bring back some of the excitement you’re missing. Try leaving your beloved detector at home and use the one that’s been gathering dust. Even switching other equipment up can be helpful. Have you tried a different pinpointer, search coil, or broken in a new digging tool? If you don’t have multiple detectors or other equipment, try hunting with another detectorist and trade machines for the day. It will help you and your partner to stay focused and keep the search interesting.

Finding New Sites to Hunt

Sometimes a change of scenery is refreshing and provides a new, exciting environment for you to search for treasure. Finding new places to detect not only changes your view, but often times, it changes your attitude and even the quality of your finds as well. If you normally hunt in parks or schoolyards, try doing some research and find some old homesteads or abandoned churches to search. Or if you live near bodies of water but never hunt them, try searching the shore lines or even under water detecting if your detector is made for that. Keeping it new and interesting will help you with motivation.

Searching for Different Targets

If you are normally a coin and jewelry hunter, try searching sites that have a high potential for old relics. Not only is finding something old thrilling, it may prompt you to do some research to show what the item was used for or how to clean or restore it. Working on a relic that you found and learning more about its origin will definitely up the interest level you feel about it. Changing the focus on what types of targets you are looking for can help you maintain a strong interest in detecting.

Being Creative Will Break Your Metal Detecting Slump

Metal detecting is a hobby that offers detectorists a bunch of different options for hunting. Use them to your advantage. Change things up when you feel your interest waning, and you will quickly reinvigorate your cherished pastime. Don’t be afraid to try new equipment, search for more interesting sites, or look for a variety of different types of targets. The more creative you are, the more fun and exciting metal detecting will be. The whole world is out there for you to find, so start swinging!