I quickly figured out with metal detecting that having a good shovel is essential to a trip out. Thankfully, I’ve had the chance to use the Gold Digger NX-5 Shovel when I took out the Ground EFX MX60.  It’s a huge improvement over the old garden trowel I used on my first trip.

When I went to dig my very first plug I hit a very tight-knit root system. It took forever to dig and hurt my hands. It was more trouble than it was worth. Especially since all I found was foil.

The next hunt I took out the NX-5 and was able to cut through the root system very easily. The serrated edges and “cleated” foot pegs made all the difference in being able to dig the plug quickly.

The ground in the open field is also very compacted, not loose like in a garden or planting field. The shovel held up very well even with me putting a decent amount of pressure and weight on the foot pegs to get more leverage. Even though it isn’t very heavy, the tempered steel construction is very solid and not once did I worry about it bending.

This is my go-to shovel anytime I to go out on a hunt. I’m confident that it can handle just about any task I could throw at it. Plus not to have to bend over as much made my back happy along with my hands.

You can reserve either the Gold Digger NX-5 Standard 31" Shovel or, if you want a little bit more length, grab the Gold Digger NX-5 Long Handle 36" Shovel for $99.95.

-Happy Hunting