The Ground EFX Storm Series MX60 Metal Detector proved to be great for anyone learning about metal detecting but wants something that will filter bad signals. I recently had the chance to take it out to my favorite parks that I know has beach sand in the soil and brackish water nearby. It turned out to be my best hunt so far.


Getting the Ground EFX Storm MX60 Metal Detector set up was a snap. It has preset search modes and ground grab. I kept it in all metal mode, upped the sensitivity so I would hear all targets, then ground grab the machine so it would ignore the minerals in the soil all in less than two minutes.

I was expecting to have it chatter quite a bit but was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t any interference from the beach sand. It isn’t overly sensitive to mineralization which made detecting the open field that is used for events easy. I had hoped I would find something good but only dug up trash.

After about an hour I went back to my car to get some water when I got a phone call from a friend who was interested in how metal detectors work. When she got there we decided to follow some of the paths since people walk them all the time. I’m sure glad I did, I had much better results.

The first couple targets were pull tabs that bounced between a nickel and pull tab but I didn’t give up! My first decent find was a 1964 Nickel. As a beginner this was an exciting find. I told my kids that it is older than their Grandma and they thought that was cool. The next semi-interesting find was an old beer can that was intact but squished. The last target I found was a 2009 penny that was very oxidized.


What amazed me the most is how often I found targets, even if they were trash, when I was a few feet from the brackish river in an area that was flooded in October. There wasn’t any chatter from the salt & the targets were up to 9 in deep.


Of course the thing I wasn’t expecting is how I felt leaving the park cleaner than when I went there, it was worth more than anything I could have found (except maybe being able to give a ring back to it’s owner).

Overall, the MX60 Metal Detector is a fantastic machine for the price and had me wanting to get outside and detect for it's great value and features.




Happy Hunting!