If you are a prospector looking for gold with a metal detector, you may be missing the deep and hidden mother lode right underneath your feet!

Don’t get me wrong, metal detectors are a great tool when out prospecting, but they only go so deep… What if that big pay zone is just out of reach? What if it’s way out of reach? How do you go about finding it? Well, the answer is ERT, or Electrical Resistivity Tomography. ERT is a professional geophysical survey technique used for identifying sub-surface anomalies such as caves or tunnels, water, and minerals at depths well beyond the range of ANY metal detector. Basically, resistivity is the measure of changes in an electrical current as it passes through different materials underground. Two to four metal probes are placed into the ground and an electrical current is passed between them. The resistance of this current is measured in Ohms. Materials such as highly desired mineral ores (gold) will have less resistance to the current than the normal surrounding soils. Commercial mining companies regularly use resistivity surveys to identify pay zones but the cost of these surveys are extremely high and not practical for the independent prospector. So, how does the regular gold hunter go about finding the mother lode like the pros?

Enter the EZ RES PRO Professional Resistivity Survey Meter!

The EZ Res PRO, by EZ PRO DETECTORS, is a professional grade resistivity meter that can identify mineral bearing ores, placer deposits, and mineral veins at depths of 50 meters or more at an affordable price. It is also VERY easy to use! Just put two to four probes into the ground, connect the wires, and press a button. The results are instantly shown on the LED screen! Below is a screenshot of the free Voxler software ($500 value!) that is included with purchase.

If you are serious about finding gold at depths beyond metal detector range (where no one else is looking) the EZ RES PRO is for you! And at a price of just $3999.00 USD, you can’t afford NOT to have one! Find out more about the EZ Res Pro here.

Written By: Robert Leonard, Terra Exploration Group