As an avid treasure hunter, I have been reminded many times that treasure hunting is not easy (or cheap)! We all want it to be, but at the end of the day it’s actually a lot like work.

You’ve got to dig a lot of holes and try lots of equipment to figure out what works the best. When people ask why I treasure hunt, I tell them that it’s just a more expensive way to play the lottery! Most people don’t get it… That being said, every treasure hunter knows that you’ve got to have the right equipment if you want to actually “win that lottery”. For example, you wouldn’t use a 2-box detector to find a lost wedding ring on the beach, and you’re definitely not going to find an old Spanish Mine or a KGC Cache Site with a cheap coin shooter.

It is my belief that if something is worth hiding, it is worth hiding well! I wouldn’t want someone accidentally stumbling onto my cache, so I would make it very hard to get to. The deeper the better, right? Unfortunately for us, this could mean that some of those big jackpot sites we’ve been trying so hard to find might be just out of the range of our best metal detectors!

This dilemma leaves us with a couple of options.. Ground Penetrating Radar and Electrical Resistivity Tomograpy. GPR is an amazing tool, but it can be hard to use and/or interpret depending on the terrain and/or soil conditions. It can also be very expensive! Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) is another great way to reach the depths that are beyond the reach of metal detectors. If you are not familiar with it, ERT is basically the reading of changes in an electrical current, in Ohms, as it passes through different material. An old mine shaft or cave will ‘resist’ the current much more than a barrel full of gold. But, just like GPR, professional resistivity meters can be very expensive and hard to use.

Until now..

The EZ Res Pro is an affordable and very easy to use resistivity meter that can be used to perform simple 2 probe ERT surveys or the more complex 4 probe surveys that professional geophysical surveyors use. It is as simple as driving 2 to 4 probes into the ground, connecting a few wires, and pressing a button. All you do is look for big changes in the Ohms readings. An anomaly like a cave will be very resistant to the current and will result in a high Ohms reading. A big stack of buried gold bars will be very conductive and will result in a low Ohms reading. Depth is simply a function of probe spacing. As you move the probes out, the depth of the reading increases and is roughly calculated as ½ of the probe spacing. The EZ RES PRO can reach depths from 1 to 50 meters or more and also has imaging capabilities with the included Voxler Software.

The EZ Res Pro is made by professionals for professionals and is a
must have tool for every treasure hunter’s equipment arsenal! If you are
serious about treasure hunting, the EZ RES PRO is for you!

With the Terra EZ Res Pro, there are no Gimmicks, Just Results!

-Robert Leonard

Terra Exploration Group