The number one thing people want to know is, what is the best metal detector on the market? Although this is a good question, the experts will always modify it to an even better question: what is the best metal detector on the market for you. Think of it like a good, old-fashioned detective novel and consider the following questions: Who. What. Where. And how much.




Identify your preferences. Are you someone who will use a metal detector occasionally in the local park, or are you more likely to take a trip to a prime location and hunt for hours upon hours? Are you physically fit and ready to carry a heavy duty metal detector, or would you rather a light weight more simple model. Do you want top of the line, or basic beginner? Before you invest in a good metal detector, know your tendencies and that will help you select what is the best metal detector.


This line of thinking will help you establish what exactly you are hoping to find. Everyone defines treasure a little differently. Try to narrow down your field of focus and prioritize what features you will need your metal detector to have. Will your treasure be glass bottles, coins, and historical relics? Or do you want to hunt for fine gold and silver? Keep in mind, that metal detectors used for prospecting precious metals generally do not have discrimination and will require lots manual ground balancing, like manual focus on a camera versus autofocus. If you want more of an autofocus approach, look for prospecting metal detectors with discrimination.


A big part of the where will be determining if you are going to be predominately on land or in water. All metal detectors have waterproof coils, but this does not make them underwater metal detectors. Completely waterproof models will work through audio signal, will not have meter display, and will have fewer openings in the control box. But don’t feel too much pressure in deciding where you will always be using your metal detector. If this turns out to be a favorite hobby, there is always room for an upgrade.


How Much?

When you first start your search do not make the mistake of assuming used metal detectors will be cheaper. That is not always the case. The cost of a metal detector will be directly influenced by how many features you will be requiring. The more features your detector has, the higher the cost. Metal detecting can be an expensive sport, but it is a rewarding one. In many ways, a good metal detector is an investment. When you are budgeting for your metal detector, consider what you want to spend on accessories. Accessories are vital to truly experiencing the best metal detectors. You will need:

After evaluating these questions, you should have a better idea of how to narrow down the vast array of metal detectors and estimate your start-up costs. Do a little research and meet us back here to launch into one of the most exciting sports! Happy treasure hunting!