Christmas is here and there’s no better time to consider gift ideas for the detectorist in your life. Even if you don’t know the first thing about metal detecting, you can give your detectorist the perfect gift to enhance his or her favorite hobby.

Here is a list of great metal detecting gift ideas we’ve put together for you to start your Christmas shopping list:


Every serious detectorist should have a pinpointer with them on every hunt. A pinpointer is a small, handheld detector that pinpoints a target in a hole after it’s been located by a regular metal detector. Using a pinpointer will cut down on digging time and give your detectorist more time to swing his or her detector for more finds.

It’s likely that your detectorist already has a pinpointer, but it’s still a great gift. Consider upgrading by buying a pinpointer that has more features or is waterproof. It’s guaranteed that your detectorist will appreciate it.

Pinpointers to consider:


Carry Bag

Giving a metal detector carry bag as a gift is an awesome gift idea because many detectorists don’t have them. You’ll know if yours does as he or she packs up to go on a hunting trip. If you see your detectorist filling a backpack with gear, then you know a carry bag will be well-received.

Find out what kind of detector your loved one has and search for a carry bag for that specific detector. Each manufacturer carries its own branded bags.

Carry bags to consider:



A metal detecting pouch for tools and finds is a must-have for any detectorist. This is an inexpensive gift that would even be great as a stocking stuffer. Typically, pouches are designed to be worn around the waist, and have pocket or other attachments to hold pinpointers, diggers, personal items like car keys, and most importantly, metal detecting finds. You can find branded pouches and match them to your detectorist’s metal detector, or unbranded ones that will go with everything.

Pouches to consider:


Digging Tools

A detectorist can never have enough digging tools! These are also relatively inexpensive items that your detectorist will appreciate. There are a lot of diggers to choose from, some designed for specific types of ground (like sand scoops for beach hunting), at various prices. A good quality digger is usually made of aircraft quality steel. 

Digging tools to consider:


Beginner’s Metal Detector

Maybe your loved one doesn’t even have a detector yet, but you know that he or she is interested in taking up the hobby. There are some great entry-level metal detectors out there that will help your loved one get started. When you are giving a metal detector as a gift, don’t break the bank. The reason for this is that when your loved one finds out how much he or she loves detecting, there will likely be a specific brand or type of detector that he or she wants to purchase. So, unless you know exactly what that is, buy a beginner’s detector to get your detectorist going.

Beginner’s detectors to consider:


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The above gift ideas should give a great start to your holiday shopping, but if you’re still not sure don’t hesitate to ask other detectorist or metal detector retailer for advice. Happy shopping!