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She Detector

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While I get to use several different brands of machines, I do have a few of my favorites. My number one is my Excalibur II. It's great for beach hunting in the waters of Florida, where I live. I also really like the Nokta Kruzer, the Whites MX Sport, and the Garret AT Max. I love hunting for coins and lost jewelry at my local beaches. My favorite finds are a men's platinum wedding band that I was able to return to the owner, a buffalo/indian head nickel that I found in a curbstrip, and another men's wedding band that I was able to return to the owner. I got started in metal detecting after watching someone snorkeling in a stream with a VibraTector. I bought my Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II and the rest is history!

"Any detector will find coins, rings, and treasure but my personal favorite is Ringer, my Excalibur II."

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