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Little Dirt Diggers Emily Copeland Holding Minelab Equinox 800


Little Dirt Diggers

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Little Dirt Diggers, Emily, is the youngest Kellyco VIP Test Team Member and yet she's one of the most advanced detectorists in the hobby. She has been hunting since she was three years old, is a Nokta Makro tester, a Minelab favorite, and a Garrett enthusiast. 


Emily takes you on exciting adventures through Georgia's Civil War encampments and old home sites on her YouTube channel.

She recently found this Civil War bayonet while out hunting with a Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector.

Civil War Bayonet in Place where it Was Found by Emily Copeland of Little Dirt Diggers

Little Dirt Diggers Emily Copeland Visiting the Kellyco Knoxville Showroom with Relics Around the Black and White Photograph

Emily just recently visited the Kellyco Knoxville Showroom. You can come visit our Knoxville showroom, too, and see some of Emily's relic finds!

When she's not detecting you can find her magnet fishing, panning for gold, and catching a few bass every now and then.


As a young detectorist, Emily gives a different perspective on metal detecting. With her contagious laugh and excitement you’ll get just as excited as she does to see what she's about to dig up.

You've gotta find trash to find the good stuff.

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