Minelab CTX 3030:
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  • XP Metal Detector Pinpointer Stem Clip with Strap

    Clip your pinpointer right on to your XP Deus or ORX metal detector with this stem clip. Mounting is fast and easy with velcro. Just slip your MI-6 or MI-4 pinpointer into the holster and go so your trusty pinpointer is always at your side.
  • XP Pinpointer Holster

    Keep your most precious detecting accessory right within reach with this easy clip on holster from XP. Made for MI-6 and MI-4 pinpointers, this holster features a rotating base plate so you can bend down and it can move with you. Detect in comfort!
  • Nokta Makro Pointer Orange Tip Cover

    Use the Nokta Makro Pointer Orange Tip Cover to protect your pointer from rocks, sand, and debris. It's easily durable and replaceable.
    SKU: 40000434 orange color
  • Nokta Makro Camo Pinpointer Leg Holster for PulseDive or Pointer

    Get ready to hunt for more treasures and have even easier access to your pinpointer. This Nokta | Makro leg holster will keep your pinpointer right at hand.
    SKU: 17000363