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Sand Scoops for Metal Detecting

No matter if you find yourself on a sandy beach, a waterlogged field or searching for any ancient relic in an obscure part of the world, sand scoops will make life easier. With several brands and designs available, determining the best metal detecting sand scoop takes some time and research and we are here to help.

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Primarily manufactured from stainless steel or other metals, the sand scoops for sale on our website are all more than capable of doing the job that they are designed for. Lightweight, durable and highly effective, we believe that the following information should make it easier for you to choose your new metal detector sand scoop sifter.

Why You Should Have a Sand Scoop When Metal Detecting

Sifting when treasure hunting is clearly an important moment. Finding a relatively large relic is easy even when beach metal detecting. After all, when it can be seen easily, even in dry sand, then any kind of scoop will work.

The problem comes when you are searching for something smaller. A plastic sand scoop will clearly lift the sand or soil, but it will hold it there meaning you have to sift through it all on your own. A metal sand scoop complete with a hexagon pattern of holes makes things so much easier, making a beach sand scoop an essential tool.

Once your pinpointer has narrowed down your search area, your metal detector beach sand scoop then comes into its own treasure scoop, even if you have been gold prospecting in wet sand. In fact, your search times will be reduced, which is helpful to any treasure hunter since it provides more time to explore additional areas.

What is the Best Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting?

Metal detecting can take you into different environments. Due to that fact, a metal detecting sand scoop must be designed in such a way to allow it to cope with any setting or scenario that is thrown at it. Also, do not be fooled by it being referred to as a sand scoop as these tools can be used with different soils as well as allowing water to drain from silt or mud. As a result, a scoop allows you to sort through soil that you are excavating to then get to the all-important relic or gold nugget in a shorter period of time.

For us, a sand scoop needs to be sturdy, heavy duty, waterproof and sharp enough to cut through the ground. The honeycomb pattern of holes on the scoop should also be laser cut. This provides cleaner edges to the holes while the entire pattern is designed to make sifting substantially easier. The sand scoops for sale on our website at Kellyco have all been selected to make sure that they meet our criteria.

The Key Aspects to Consider with a Sand Scoop

Whether you have a stainless steel sand scoop or an aluminum sand scoop, we still believe that there are certain key aspects to consider when making your purchase.

Of course, as each option is made from a waterproof and highly durable metal there should be no issue with your sand scoop lasting for a number of years. However, the functionality of the sand scoop should also be examined before you buy.

A quality sand scoop will have a wider footplate. This will then allow you to generate greater downwards force which may be important if the ground is harder than you could have perhaps expected. Also, being aware of the point of the sand scoop is also necessary.

Accessories Associated with Sand Scoops for Metal Detectors

Before your purchase we do recommend checking the details of each product to understand what you will actually receive. We recommend this due to several sand scoops only providing you with the scoop itself. You will need to install the rod part. However, this is not always the case with some brands. Some of these brands provide you with rods that can be replaced if and when required, such as the CKG carbon fiber shaft which then fits into the CKG sand scoop.

Also, your beach scoop can come with an adjustable handle to change the length of the shaft. While this is not only beneficial for carrying your scoop, it does provide you with the opportunity to continue using your sand scoop, if a more compact style would be best. If you believe that this kind of situation may apply to you, then this is certainly the type of sand scoop handle that you should consider.

At Kellyco, we have a wide range of sand scoops available and we know that it may very well be rather confusing as to which model is best suited to your needs. The best thing to do is to contact us via our customer care department and allow us to point you in the right direction. Our detectorist experts are there to help and answer any questions that you may have regarding these products.

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