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Prospecting Picks

There are times when the ground that you encounter when metal detecting is just not as forgiving as others. When this situation arises, a prospecting pick could be the answer to your problems. With several options to choose from, having a better understanding of the variety of prospecting picks on the market will make it easier to purchase the perfect prospector for your needs.

Set Descending Direction

Using a prospecting pick for your digging tool will make life easier. With its rugged blade and resilience, no type of terrain will be a match for this tool. Manufactured by several companies, including Apex Picks, there are a number of key points to consider before selecting the prospecting pick that will accompany your Minelab or Garrett metal detector.

How Does the Prospectors Pick Work

The way a digging pick works isn’t complicated. With the digging part made from metal, it has the strength you need to smash through even solid ground. This is then made even easier by one end of this heavy duty tool coming to a point to allow it to slice through with little resistance.

There is nothing complicated regarding this tool. It has a simple job to do with nothing special expected from it. A prospectors pick has one task, and that is to break the ground when metal detecting and you hear that signal coming through your headphones alerting you to a discovery.

How This Digging Pick Differs From a Normal Pick

A gold prospecting pick, or any other digging pick, does share similarities with one you may use at home. Both versions tend to have a hickory handle and a steel head or blade, but there is a significant difference.

A prospecting pick for individuals gold prospecting or searching for relics is shorter in length. A long handle would be insufficient and make it difficult to carry. On average, the handle will be in the region of 24” long giving you a sense of control over its handling without it being too cumbersome.

Also, as you will be required to carry your prospecting pick around for some time, a digging pick will be rather lightweight. This is surprising when it has a steel head but the hickory handle will also manage to avoid adding too much weight.

In addition, if the idea of a steel head and hickory handle is not something you want for a metal detecting pick, then the model by Lesche may be more appealing. Still made from steel, it uses a lightweight variety without affecting its durability. This version weighs 1 pound and its entire length is only 14.5” making it easy to carry around even for prolonged periods.

Magnets in a Prospecting Pick

Apex Picks are an established brand. Also, their digging picks contain a magnet and, at times, there may be as many as 3. A super magnet in your prospecting pick makes it easier to uncover your find and to differentiate between gold or other metals. Clearly, this is important when gold panning or prospecting with life being easier when the magnets are already in the same tool.

A prospecting pick will prove to be a useful tool on numerous occasions. Better than a rock pick or a normal digging tool you have at home, they are lightweight, more compact in size and efficient at breaking ground. If you have any questions regarding prospecting picks, then contact our customer care department at Kellyco. Our expert metal detectorists are on hand to help and guide you towards the best prospecting pick for your needs.

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