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Metal Detector Rods

Replacement metal detector rods are not only relatively inexpensive but they are also easy to attach to your metal detector. Whether you are replacing the upper or lower rod, it takes next to no time for your detector to be up and running once more. Available from the main manufacturers such as Garrett, Minelab and Fisher, your ability to transform your metal detector is within your grasp.

Set Descending Direction

The modern metal detector rod often contains a carbon fiber shaft. This provides a lightweight alternative while the strength and durability of the upper shaft or lower rod is never in question. However, we do advise that you take time to study each rod shaft available on our website before making a purchase. This will ensure that you make the correct choice for your model.

Why You May Require Another Metal Detector Rod

There are different situations where a new metal detector rod could be on your wishlist. First, your old one could be looking a bit tired and is needing replaced. Next, your existing rod may be slightly too short where it makes that sweeping motion more strenuous than it should be. In addition, the new products available focus on carbon fiber metal detector shafts, so if you felt your old metal detector was too heavy, then this could be the answer.

You may want to also look at your own height as a reason for changing rods. For example, rods available for the Minelab Excalibur range come in different heights including one known as Tall Man.

Finally, you may wish to simply have a spare rod or shaft should something go wrong. No matter the reason, Kellyco has the solution.

Checking Compatibility with Metal Detector Rods

We recommend checking compatibility between metal detector shafts and your brand of metal detector. This applies to both the upper and lower rod, and it’s worth going that extra step to check that it fits not only the brand but the specific model.

Remember that rod assembly is easy, but only when you have the correct model. There should be no difficulty with attaching the arm cuff or even fitting both the upper and lower shaft into a middle rod stem. If you run into problems, then chances are that you made a mistake with the model.

The Length of Metal Detector Rods & Shafts

Our product range also covers various lengths of rods and shafts. From the Anderson detector shafts at 39” length to the Lorenz telescopic rod, we have you covered. It’s often the case that we have several options available for each brand, so whether you have a Garrett metal detector, Minelab Equinox, or Whites, there will be the perfect rod for your needs. Also, replacement metal detector rods and shafts will often be resistant to corrosion, waterproof and capable of lasting for a prolonged period of time.

But then, the length is also determined by the individual pieces that you plan on putting together. The Garrett lower rod even attached to your pre-existing upper shaft may very well be enough to change how you feel about the total length of your metal detector.

Check the length that is suitable for your back and where your sweeping motion would be enhanced rather than inhibited. Consider how you feel with your existing metal detector and then make any alterations from that point.

Replacing a metal detector rod is straightforward, but if you have any concerns then do contact us via our customer care department. Our team of expert metal detectorists are on hand to answer any questions you may have and guide you on selecting the correct rod or shaft for your make and model of metal detector.

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