Metal Detector Rain & Dust Covers

Rain, dirt and dust have a way of ruining our metal detector investments. Whether you have a Garrett, a Minelab, or a Teknetics, we have a rain cover for you. While you won’t need one if you own a Garrett AT Pro or Garrett AT Gold, you will if you own any other popular Garrett metal detectors, from the Garrett ACE series to the GTI 2500. Check out the selection of rain and dust covers that Kellyco has to offer. Look at our customer reviews and rest assured that you are getting the best service at the best price.

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Why Purchase a Metal Detector Rain and Dust Cover?

If you did not purchase a metal detector that was completely waterproof, a rain cover is a very important accessory. Metal detectors have a way of getting beaten up, whether it is from the weather or even branches and bushes. The weakest points of a metal detector are the search coil and the control box. The search coil is easily protected by a coil cover (which Kellyco also has a wide selection of) and the control box is easily protected by a dust and rain cover. Another excellent feature of rain covers is that they prevent the humidity from getting inside of your machine so bad. In the United States, humidity inside the metal detector is one of the biggest problems that occurs with the hobby of metal detecting. There is virtually no downside to buying a control box cover, as it will protect your hard-earned investment at a small cost to you.

What Features Does a Dust Cover Have?

Dust covers virtually all have roughly the same features, as they all provide the same purpose. Most of these rain covers are made of heavy duty neoprene and have PVC-like plastic screens that make it easy to see the meters and gauges of your metal detector’s control box. This PVC-like material also provides easy access to the buttons and face of your screen. These control box covers also provide access to the headphone jack and incorporate the use of velcro, providing a simple installation and takedown. The most important feature that needs to be taken into account is that you need the exact cover for your particular metal detector. If you have any trouble determining the proper dust cover for your detector, please reach out to us, and we would be happy to help you find the right one.

What Is the Best Rain and Dust Cover for Me?

Choosing the right control box cover is actually pretty easy. This is because there is generally only one rain cover made for each specific model of metal detector. Luckily, most of these covers have been designed and produced by the company that produces that metal detector. There are many control box covers that have been produced, and they will be detailed more below.

Garrett has two offerings for control box covers. One is for their highly popular Garrett ACE series and the other is for the GTI 2500, a very deep-searching Garrett metal detector. Both of these covers feature heavy duty construction, easy access velcro, and have clear plastic screen covers that make it easy to see the meters and adjust the machine.

Minelab offers several different cover options for its various models. The Minelab X-Terra, the Minelab E-Trac, and the Equinox all have covers available for purchase. These covers are made with durable materials and provide excellent protection and visibility to these detectors’ electronic screens.

The Nokta Makro is an excellent machine that has produced hundreds of metal treasures. That being said, the life of this machine could be greatly expanded if you were to purchase the cover that protects the screen and the control box.

Teknetics and Fisher also make many covers for their various models of metal detectors. Every product that Kellyco offers is made of the best quality and is offered at the most affordable price. If you have any questions about anything related to rain and dust covers, please contact us, as we would be happy to help.

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