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Metal Detector Nuts & Bolts

We all know how easy it can be for metal detector nuts & bolts to work their way loose and to be lost forever, and that could lead to problems. Also, your hardware kit will have specific nuts and bolts depending on the make and model of metal detector you own, so not just any old nylon nuts and bolts will do. So, being sure of having the correct parts is going to make a huge difference.

Set Descending Direction

Buying the correct nuts and bolts for your metal detector does involve you taking the time to check which bolts you need and the brand name. For example, the hardware kit used to attach your search coil on your Minelab metal detector looks different to those that perform the same job with a Fisher metal detector. However, you do need to take into account what the nut or bolt is going to be required for.

It’s important to state that a manufacturer will tend to not include the appropriate hardware when buying an item such as a search coil. Clearly, not having the correct coil nut is a problem, but we have you covered at Kellyco. While this lack of hardware wouldn’t affect the return policy with the manufacturer, it makes it easier to know that you can buy related products that solve that problem in an instant. Also, carrying some spare nuts and bolts for your metal detector with you makes sense. After all, we never know when one may fall out due to the nut not being correctly tightened. Being able to carry out running repairs on your CTX 3030 or any other metal detector could potentially save an entire day from being wasted.

Choosing the Correct Nuts and Bolts Hardware

The hardware will vary depending on whether you need to replace the nuts and bolts for your search coil, arm cuff, or when attaching your rods. It’s also good to remember that each search metal detector coil will only use specific hardware as well, so if you replace that part of your metal detector then double-check that the nuts and bolts for sale will still work for you.

Of course, the hardware kit can vary depending on the model within the brand name itself. The size of the lower rod on one Detectorpro can be different from another model. The same applies to Garrett metal detectors which is why we make sure to include the models that each nut and bolt belongs to in order to make it easier to select the correct one at the outset.

Hardware Kit for Older Metal Detector Models

If you have an older metal detector model and are concerned as to how you will be able to get replacement nuts and bolts, then Kellyco has you covered. We have special adapter kits for makes and models that stretch as far back as 1979. After all, an older metal detector probably has a number of great memories attached to it, so if you want to update parts or replace those that are getting worn and tired, then we can help. If you have any doubts as to which parts to buy, then a member of our team will be able to assist.

Additional Hardware for Your Metal Detector

Kellyco stocks hardware for a number of the main brands of metal detectors. From a specific coil hardware nut or coil bolt to a nut bolt washer, neoprene washer, or a gasket set for a number of Minelab metal detectors, you will be hard-pressed to not be able to find what you are looking for in our store.

Also, we only sell heavy duty products so you know that you will only receive high quality hardware every time. Each nut and bolt is made to last no matter which one you include in your shopping cart. Both reliability and durability will not be an issue with any of the hardware kits in our store, so as a bounty hunter you know you will be ready for any adventure.

Purchasing the correct search coil hardware should never be difficult. If you are searching for replacement nuts, bolts, or washers for your metal detector and are unsure as to which to buy then contact us here at Kellyco via our customer care department. Our team of expert metal detectorists will be happy to answer any questions and guide you towards the right hardware kit for your detector.

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