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Metal Detector Batteries

Having reliable metal detector batteries is essential for your success as a detectorist. Whether it’s to act as a spare battery while you go treasure hunting or to replace an old one that is simply unable to hold charge like it used to, buying a new metal detector battery is something to consider. However, you do need to take several key points into consideration before making your purchase.

Set Descending Direction

With a wide range of metal detectors available on our website, it also means a wide range of batteries as well. However, making your decision as to which metal detector battery to buy is about more than looking at the price and selecting the cheapest one. Instead, some knowledge as to what to expect in advance will make the entire process a whole lot easier.

Rechargeable batteries are a mainstay of metal detecting. However, you also need to consider the charger as well. Being able to inject power into that fading battery is important, so knowing you have the complete battery pack that will allow you to continue detecting is key.

How Long Do Metal Detector Batteries Last

One of the things to look out for with the best metal detector batteries has to be their reliability. You don’t want to purchase a battery where the charge only lasts for an hour or two. That would be pointless. The actual battery itself should be capable of being charged on a weekly basis for anywhere between 3 to 5 years. This does depend on the make and model, but that is regarded as being the average. However, storing a discharged battery for a prolonged period of time can reduce this lifespan quite considerably. If you plan on having a spare battery, then fully charge it first.

With the actual operation time, you should be looking at a metal detector battery life of somewhere between 20 to 30 hours usage. Once again, this can vary from model to model, but it provides an indication as to what you should realistically expect.

Another key point to consider has to be the voltage of the battery. This varies depending on the source of the energy. In general, an alkaline battery holds a higher voltage per aa battery cell than other formats. However, a rechargeable battery can clearly be used a number of times which then gives it the advantage.

Best Metal Detector Batteries

We strongly recommend that you pay close attention to the make and model of metal detector that a battery is intended for. The voltage within the batteries will then be suitable for your metal detector resulting in your detector working perfectly.

Browsing through the various options on our site at Kellyco, you will discover different forms of metal detector batteries. While alkaline batteries are common, the same cannot be said for several other types.

Among the most popular are NiMH batteries. For us, this form is pretty special as NiMH batteries are specifically designed to be used with items that are classed as high-drain instruments.

Another important type of metal detector battery is the lithium ion battery. Depending on the model, this can hold greater charge than other types of battery although some may drain quicker than others. This alone shows the importance of correctly choosing not only your battery but also your battery charger. After all, if it can hold more charge, then you want to be sure you start off with the battery at 100%.

The Size of Metal Detector Batteries

As treasure hunters, don’t allow the physical size of a battery to fool you. Thanks to advances in technology, batteries for detectors such as the Minelab CTX or metal detectors by Garrett can now use more slimline batteries and still deliver the same amount of power. It’s also worth remembering that you will need batteries for your pinpointer as well, and the same rules apply as to checking with the brand and model.

One thing we recommend is to take time browsing the pages of our website at Kellyco and check the individual product descriptions. There, you will find as to whether or not the battery in question will work with Garrett metal detectors or any other brand. We have included as many details as possible to make the entire process a whole lot easier.

Selecting from our range of metal detector batteries should never be difficult. If you are unsure as to which model to buy, then contact us directly here at Kellyco. Our customer care department has decades of experience within the industry allowing us to offer you specific help on batteries and answer any questions you may have.

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