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Metal Detector Bags

A metal detector bag can come in a variety of forms. Knowing which one is right for you is, therefore, essential. With different manufacturers and brand names to choose from, taking time to work through the various options makes sense. However, also being aware of what to look out for when purchasing a metal detector carry bag will make your life a whole lot easier.

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A metal detector bag should be one of those accessories that you cannot do without. Not only do they make transporting your metal detector a whole lot easier, but they will also offer some level of protection to your precious machine. Also, you may wish to consider investing in an additional accessory in the form of a metal detecting finds bag as you will want somewhere to store all of those discoveries both while out on your adventure and during your trip home.

Best Metal Detector Bag

Whether you own a metal detector by Minelab, Garrett or a pinpointer by Nokta Makro, we highly recommend owning a metal detector carry bag. For us, the best bags have to meet certain criteria.

First, they should have a strong shoulder strap. You don’t want to worry about the strap snapping when placed under any duress. You want to know that this padded metal detector bag is going to stand up to you potentially walking some distance over rough terrain without it breaking on you.

Next, while it needn’t be a heavy duty bag, it should remain waterproof and durable. A carrying bag, in this instance, is different from normal. Instead, a metal detector carry bag is for holding your precious machine, so even the inside of the bag should offer protection via internal foam padding. If your detector or pinpointer is able to move around even in a soft case then it’s not doing its job correctly.

While you may consider purchasing a carrying case that has been created and designed by the manufacturer of your metal detector, there are also options available with a universal metal detector carry bag. The only additional point we would make with this option is to still check that your brand of metal detector is going to have enough protection before going with this type of bag.

Is a Soft Case Good for a Metal Detector?

You may look at an item such as the Garrett soft case and wonder if this will offer sufficient protection to your Garrett Ace metal detector. Alternatively, you could think the same with any other brand or manufacturer, and it’s reasonable to worry about these kinds of things. After all, you have spent a considerable amount of money on getting your detector and will only want the best.

A zippered metal detector bag for the average treasure hunter will work well for the majority of occasions. The strong shoulder strap, space for metal detector accessories via a series of additional pockets and being waterproof should suffice. Unless you plan on going over some extremely tough terrain, then the protection and padding supplied by a soft case will indeed be good enough.

Even those makes and models that have zipper external pockets for headphones will still offer a sense of protection. Each bag or carry case that we stock at Kellyco have all been identified as being perfect for a wide range of metal detectors.

You may like to check the size of the metal detecting carry bag before buying. Several brands will also produce oversize bags to provide additional space for your search coils or coil covers. You should double check on the models that each bag is designed for before purchasing to ensure that you will be able to carry all of the various metal detector accessories that you may need while treasure hunting.

Bags for Metal Detecting Accessories

At Kellyco, we also stock a range of metal detecting finds bags as well as soft cases that make it easier to carry around your pinpointer. The intention is to make your life easier.

Those small metal detector finds can easily be lost when out on the field or during your trip home. You want to keep them safe and secure which is where a metal detecting pouch bag can play a vital role. With this line of bags, we also recommend that you check for internal divisions that allow you to organize your accessories or to store your different discoveries.

Once again, these bags and pouches will be waterproof, lightweight and easy to carry. Some models can be easily attached to your main carry case to make it easier for transportation.

Selecting a new soft case metal detector carry bag merely involves taking some time to browse through our options. However, if you are unsure, then our team of detectorists are on hand at our customer care department should you have any questions regarding our range of metal detector carry bags. With our level of expertise, we can guide you towards the perfect bag for your metal detector.

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