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Metal Detector Coils

When it comes to metal detectors, nothing is as important as a high-quality search coil. Whether you run a Garrett metal detector, a Minelab metal detector, a Bounty Hunter detector, or any other, Kellyco has a wide selection of search coils that allow you to tailor your machine perfectly for each hunt. Whether you are using a VLF detector or a pulse induction machine, we have them all. If you are a treasure hunter who hunts in varied environments, our selection of search coils will keep your metal detector working efficiently and effectively in every scenario.

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How Do Metal Detector Coils Work?

Metal detectors are fairly complicated machines if you break it down into the most precise bits of science. However, there is a pretty easy way to explain how search coils work. Simply put, metal detector search coils send powerful magnetic fields into the ground and area around them. Once a metal object is discovered, it sends a signal back up to the control box, which in turn, creates the ping you hear. The size and depth of the magnetic field is directly dependent on the coil size and coil shape. In general, larger search coils can detect deeper targets, as they send out more of a magnetic field. On the flip side, smaller search coils can oftentimes find smaller objects, as the magnetic field is more concentrated. There are pros and cons to each, but at the end of the day, search coils are amazing pieces of technology.

How to Pick the Right Search Coil

Oftentimes, the difference between a successful hunt and a semi-successful hunt is in the search coil. Since the discussion of larger compared to smaller coils has been discussed, shape is the focal point now. Detectorists are often faced with two of the most popular coil shapes, the Double-D search coil and the concentric search coil. There are pros and cons to each of these, as will be discussed in more detail.

DD search coils are the favorite type of search coil for many detectorists. They offer deep searching depths and lots of ground coverage per swing. There are a couple downsides to the DD coil however. One of its larger drawbacks is that it is hard to pinpoint accurately with a DD. Another drawback is that you can get an overwhelming amount of signals in a trashy area. Overall, the DD search coil is one of the most popular for its deep-reaching and ground covering abilities.

Concentric search coils are favored by many treasure hunters as well. Concentric coils are often chosen by detectorists treasure hunting for coins in areas with trash, such as iron and cans. These concentric coils are said to have more sensitivity towards small objects, such as tiny gold nuggets, than Double-D’s. One of the disadvantages is less ground coverage per swing. At the end of the day, either option will serve you very well for your particular hunting situation.

What Is the Best Metal Detector Coil?

Defining the best metal detector coil is impossible to do, as it depends on what you, as an individual detectorist, require. One of the basic must-haves is a waterproof coil. Even if the rest of the machine is not waterproof, a waterproof coil is a good idea, because accidents happen. Another must-have is a coil cover, so that your investment is protected. Below there are specific search coils covered more in-depth based on manufacturers.

Garrett produces all kinds of search coils as upgrades and replacements. From the small Super Sniper search coil, to the large PROformance Power DD, Garrett makes quality coils. They produce coils that fit all Garrett detectors, from the Garrett ACE series to the Garrett AT Gold.

If you are metal detecting with a Fisher detector, you have options as well. From the DD search coil for Fisher F70 to all the options for the Fisher F5, there are plenty of coils to choose from.

If you happen to use any other brand of metal detector, Kellyco also has those in stock. Whether you swing a Minelab Equinox or Nokta Makro, we have a wide variety of search coils for you to choose from. Please be sure to reach out to us with any questions, as we would be happy to help.

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