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Metal Detector Backpacks

When metal detectorists go metal detecting, they like to hunt hard and find many targets. To make the most of their time, they need to be able to carry as much of their gear as they can in a comfortable, heavy-duty carry bag or backpack. Kellyco offers a wide selection of backpacks that can be used as additional space for finds pouches, carry digging tools, water bottles, pinpointers, and even be used as a metal detector backpack. By perusing the customer reviews on our products, you will be able to find the perfect metal detector carry bag for you.

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  • Minelab Black Carry Bag (SDC 2300)

    Travel in comfort with your treasure and gold detector using this Minelab black carry bag for SDC 2300 models.
    SKU: 3011-0257
  • Garrett Sport Daypack

    The Garrett Sport Daypack contains two large zipple compartments to hold spare coils, extra shafts, and other accessories.
    SKU: 1627200
  • Minelab Strut and Crossbar Kit for the Pro 45

    Minelab strut and crossbar replacement Kit – perfectly compatible with the Pro-Swing 45 harness
    SKU: 3011-0292
  • Nokta Makro Multi-Purpose Camo Backpack

    Extra padding in the straps and back, as well as interior velcro straps to secure your Simplex or Anfibio give this Nokta Makro backpack the extra edge for comfort and usability.
    SKU: 17000362
  • Fisher Camouflage Backpack

    Military themed Fisher camouflage backpack. Has padded inner & shoulder straps; water bottle mesh, roomy interior and a strong tactical design.
    SKU: fcbackpack

Why Do I Need a Backpack for Metal Detecting?

Many metal detectorists have already experienced the value of having a backpack on them while they are treasure hunting. For those who haven’t, there are some compelling reasons. The best reason is it gives you the capacity to carry all kinds of stuff. You can put your large or small finds in there, attach your holster for your pinpointer to it, put your digger in it, carry all of your metal detector accessories, and even carry extra search coils and headphones in there. There are no limits as to what you can do with your daypack. Relic hunters hunting in remote areas especially love backpacks, as it would take too long to get to their vehicle. Just think of all the gear you could carry in one of these, and then you will see why you need one.

What to Look for in a Metal Detector Backpack

While many backpacks may seem like any other backpack, there are some important features to pay attention to. First off, you may want a backpack that has a zipper that closes a small pouch, so that way any small finds or gear do not fall out. Another feature you may want is a water resistant material that makes up the bag. You probably don’t want to have a bunch of wet gear if it can be prevented. One often overlooked feature of a backpack for treasure hunting is finding one with comfortable shoulder straps. If you do not have a comfortable carry bag, you are not going to be able to metal detect with it for as long as you like. It will cause more soreness and pain than anything. That is why it is important to pay attention to finding comfortable shoulder straps. All of the backpacks offered by us here at Kellyco are built to last and will be both comfortable and ergonomic, providing you with the capability to hunt all day and not get tired.

What Is the Best Metal Detector Backpack?

It is impossible to narrow down backpacks designed for metal detecting to which ones are the best. Each pack offered by Kellyco provides excellent value and usability for different situations and preferences. Instead, metal detector backpacks will be covered in more detail.

While Garrett is primarily known for their excellent line of Garrett metal detectors, they also produce three excellent options for detector bags. The Garrett All-Purpose Backpack can hold a disassembled metal detector, such as the Garrett ACE. It features adjustable shoulder straps, an internal search coil pouch, and a zippered pouch for finds, in addition to side pockets for beverages. Garrett also offers the Garrett Sport Daypack. This large daypack offers many pockets and compartments, both with zippers and dividers. This daypack is large and built to last, providing the perfect all-day storage solution.

White’s metal detectors produce two great options for detectorists looking for backpacks. Their Signature Series Roll Top Backpack is built with high-quality in every feature. The zippers and pouches, as well as the water-resistant material are built to haul tons of gear, while remaining comfortable. To add comfort, White’s added a chest strap to help bear the load better. The shoulder straps and back are padded as well. For a less expensive option, White’s has their Deluxe Backpack. This backpack, while not as fancy as the first, is still of excellent quality. It has two large pockets, adjustable straps, and a padded back, providing everything a serious treasure hunter could want out of a backpack.

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