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Metal Detector Arm Rests

Having a comfortable and supportive metal detector arm rest is essential for any individual. Selecting one that feels as if it is successfully removing so much of the stress that you feel when carrying and moving your metal detector does mean that the entire experience becomes far more enjoyable. However, with there being several versions out there on the market, knowing which one is best for you does take some research on your part.

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How to Select the Correct Metal Detector Arm Rest For You

The first thing to be aware of when choosing a new armrest kit is to make sure it is designed for the model of metal detector that you own. Companies such as Minelab and Garrett all produce their own metal detector arm rest cuff, pad and strap. Each one is designed to fit the specifications of their own metal detectors, so fitting one intended for another brand will prove to be rather difficult.

Also, your typical metal detector arm rest kit will consist of an arm rest that is made to withstand harsh weather conditions in just the same way as the rest of your metal detector. Often, the material of choice will be either metal or plastic, but no matter the way in which they are manufactured, they will always be produced to a high standard. If you are in any doubt as to the effectiveness of an arm rest kit before purchasing, then checking out customer reviews to see what other detectorists are saying is certainly something we would advise.

What is Included in an Armrest Kit

An armrest kit will allow you to purchase every part from the arm cuff to arm strap depending on your needs. The ability to pick and choose individual parts does mean you can replace when straps become worn or lose some of their support, or if the cuff is not offering as much padding as it once did.

Why You Need a Comfortable Metal Detector Arm Rest

Treasure hunting can be tiring. With the possibility of covering a vast area, and also often difficult terrain, you do need to do anything you can to make life more comfortable. While harnesses and shoulder supports are one method, an arm rest is also specifically designed to take some of the weight and stress without hampering your enjoyment.

In addition, if your arm is resting comfortably, it then means you have greater control over your sweeping motion. Considering this action is at the heart of metal detecting, then being capable of reproducing that motion for longer thanks to something as simple as an arm rest means that this is certainly an accessory that you cannot do without.

How to Fit a Metal Detector Arm Rest

No matter if you own any of the different Garrett metal detectors, Nokta Makro, Fisher or anybody else, the way in which a metal detector arm rest is fitted is pretty standard. Installation takes a matter of minutes with the arm rest being attached to the rod of the metal detector via a series of screws. The only variation involves the number of screws used by different brands.

Attaching the padding or strap also takes only several minutes to attach. In most cases, the strap is attached via velcro, so the entire armrest assembly can be carried out by any individual even if they have never previously attempted this before.

You will also often discover that each arm rest is heavy duty and capable of lasting for a considerable length of time. Also, they can be used for either arm, so no need to worry about whether you are left-handed and ending up with an arm rest strap that isn’t suitable.

Arm rests or cuffs for your metal detector are inexpensive and yet they will also prove to be rather invaluable to you. If you have any questions regarding the type of arm rest that is best for your model of metal detector, then do contact us here at Kellyco via our customer care department. Our staff are highly-experienced metal detectorists themselves while their technical knowledge will mean they can answer any questions you may have and help you to make that final decision as to the best metal detector arm rest for you to purchase.

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