Metal Detector Accessories

If there is one thing that both beginners and experienced treasure hunters can agree on, it is that metal detector accessories make metal detecting more efficient and fun. From headphones to pinpointers, and new search coils to digging tools, everyone loves buying accessories. Kellyco is proud to keep all kinds of accessories in stock, whether you have a Garrett metal detector or a Minelab metal detector. Whether you are relic hunting, coin hunting, gold prospecting, or just having a good time treasure hunting, take a look at some of these great accessories.

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What Accessories Should You Get with a Metal Detector

Whether you are a prospector or a relic hunter, metal detecting can be greatly enhanced with the help of some accessories. One of the best ways to upgrade a metal detector is to add a new search coil to it. However, if you are already content with the stock search coil, there are many other accessories. A nice pair of headphones are one of the best things you can buy if your metal detector does not already come with them. Metal detector headphones are great, because they allow you to hear subtleties in the change of pitch or tone of your machine. Garrett makes a Z-Lynk wireless system, keeping you from being literally tethered to your machine. This works on the Garrett AT Pro, the Garrett Pro-Pointer, and many other Garrett metal detectors. Be sure to reach out to us here at Kellyco if you have any questions about metal detector accessories.

If you want to make the most of your time afield, consider buying a pinpointer. Pinpointers are great tools, as they allow you to find metal targets quickly once you have dug an initial hole. They not only save time, but they also help you avoid making huge holes or dig any more than you absolutely have to. The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is a great product for a pinpointer metal detector. It comes with a holster, is completely waterproof, and has several different sensitivity levels, allowing you to find your coins, gold nuggets, or other treasure quickly.

Best Metal Detector Digging Accessories

Target recovery is just as important as target detection, and having the right digger or trowel situation will save you a lot of time. Products like the Lesche brand of digging tools allow you to dig up metal targets without harming people’s grass in their yards, parks, or churchyards. If you are hunting on a beach, pick up a sand scoop so you can easily be able to sift through sand to find your treasure. If you are going gold prospecting with your metal detector, take some supplies along to do some gold panning as well. Most of these products are made of stainless steel, with exception to gold pans, so treasure hunting in adverse weather will not harm them. Most of these will come with a holster or carry bag to haul them around in.

Best Search Coil Accessories for Metal Detectors

There is no better way to optimize your Garrett, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Minelab, or Whites metal detector than by upgrading search coils. If you are a relic hunter looking to replace a coil on your Garrett ACE or Minelab Equinox, look into a large double-d search coil so you can cover more ground and have greater detection depth. Consider a waterproof coil for relic hunting. If you are going to be gold prospecting, Teknetics or Nokta Makro, consider getting a smaller sniper search coil so it can pick up the smallest of gold nuggets. These small sniper search coils are also excellent for trashy areas, as you can better separate targets with the smaller size. And of course, if you buy a search coil, do not forget the coil cover, as it will prolong the life of your coil exponentially. If you are having trouble figuring out which search coil you need, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.

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