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Metal Detector Parts & Accessories

These days, stock metal detectors come with very good features and can be used effectively right out of the box on coins, gold nuggets, and relics. That being said, metal detector parts & accessories can really boost your treasure hunting experience up a few notches. Whether you are wanting to upgrade your detector shaft, your metal detector headphones, buy a screen protector, a carry bag, or a coil cover, there are countless accessories that can improve your metal detecting experience. Kellyco is happy to provide countless metal detector parts & accessories for all detectorists, beginners and veterans.

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What Are Some Metal Detector Parts?

At some point in a metal detector’s lifespan, something could break on it if it has been used enough. It could be the search coil, it could be the armrest, the lower shaft or upper shaft of the detector, the battery holder, or any number of other metal detector parts. It could even be the little connectors that fasten the coil to the shaft or O-rings that break in the waterproof control boxes. Whether your metal detector breaks, or if you just want a few parts on hand, Kellyco carries a variety of products.

What Are Some Metal Detector Accessories?

The category of metal detector accessories is a huge and broad range of various items that either upgrade or complement your metal detector. One example of this would be a new search coil for your Minelab, Garrett, or Fisher machine. They come in a wide variety of designs and styles depending on which model of detector you own. And of course, if you buy a search coil, you will need a coil cover. Consider picking up a nice pair of headphones for your Bounty Hunter, or your Whites metal detector. It could even be as simple as picking up a new trowel or digging tool, as this will speed up your target recovery time. If you are metal detecting with your Minelab Equinox on the beach, you might want to pick up a sand scoop, as these make it much easier to find your target by sifting the sand. Let’s say you took your Garrett AT Gold and went gold prospecting. Panning for gold with your new pan might be a nice break from swinging your Garrett metal detector. Regardless of what metal detecting accessory you are looking at, Kellyco will have it ready to ship to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about any parts or accessories, please contact us, as we would be happy to help.

Why Do I Need Metal Detector Parts & Accessories?

While it is quite obvious why you may need parts for your metal detector, you may wonder why you would want any accessories. Depending on the accessory, there are several benefits to these. One of the best improvements that can be made to any detector, whether it is a Fisher or a Garrett, is upgrading the search coil. If you are a relic hunter using a Garrett AT Pro or Minelab CTX 3030, you may want a large DD search coil, so that you can cover more ground, while gaining some more detection depth. If you are gold prospecting with a Bounty Hunter or Whites metal detector, you might want a small sniper search coil, so you can sniff out those tiny gold nuggets, almost using it as a pinpointer. In addition to the search coil upgrade, you could pick up a pair of headphones that will allow you to hear better. One of the most popular setups is getting a pair of wireless headphones, so you can hear very well, but still be extremely mobile. A new armrest or metal detector shaft could help your machine become more comfortable, allowing you to stay out longer and find more targets. There are so many metal detector parts & accessories, so that whatever you want to enhance, it can easily be done. Contact us here at Kellyco if you need any help with picking out the right accessory or part!

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