Fisher 10" Elliptical Coil Cover


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Designed to Protect 10" Elliptical Search Coils from Fisher, Bounty Hunter and Teknetics Bounty Quick Draw Pro
Product Description

Fisher 10" Elliptical Coil Cover
Designed to Protect 10" Elliptical Search Coils from Fisher, Bounty Hunter and Teknetics

This 10" coil cover fits the Fisher F5, F19, F70 and Fisher series of metal detectors. It also fits the Bounty Quick Draw Pro and Teknetics Greek Series of detectors. It easily snaps onto the bottom of your expensive search coil to protect it. This cover also gives added protection against cuts, slits, and excessive wear. No need to remove. Absorbs shocks and moist grass static. Keeps coil clean and scratch free. Made in the USA from a form fitting high-impact plastic. Very highly recommended. No tools required. Does not reduce detection depth!

  • Manufacturer Fisher
  • Quick Look Preferred for its close fit & versatility, this 10" Fisher elliptical cover offers the best protection for Fisher F5, F19, F70 & F75 machines.
  • SKU 12-F70COVER
  • Manufacturer SKU F70COVER
  • Product Type Coil Covers
  • Coil Cover Color Black
  • Coil Cover Shape Elliptical
  • Coil Cover Size 10"
  • Fits Fisher
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