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White's Spectra Series VX3 Metal Detector

with Eclipse (950) 9.5" Concentric Search Coil‌
Coinmaster Simplicity - Spectra Performance
What is the Spectra VX3 metal detector?

VX3 is closely related to the top-of-the-line White’s Spectra V3i Metal Detector. The new Spectra VX3 features have been carefully streamlined to use only what is required for top Spectra
performance, an easy-to-tune and easy-to-use great performing metal detector.

How do you adjust settings?
Another easy feature! Every setting is on the live control bar ALL THE TIME!

How easy is it to tune the Spectra VX3 metal detector?
Right out of the box the VX3 has been set up to be easy to use and programmed for quiet and smooth operation. Settings are easy to understand and easy to modify for more aggressive operation. And, the VX3 has on on-board "Demo" program to show you just how easy this detector is to use.

How deep?
It’s a question Whites is happy to answer! VX3 metal detector has everything needed to get top-of-the-line performance. "Head to Head" with the competition, you can be confident of VX3 depth and performance.

The Spectra Series VX3 represents the state-of-the-art in metal detecting technology. Three frequencies (2.5kHz, 7.5kHz, and 22.5kHz), color display, advanced features, and the ability to use wireless headphones produce a powerful and capable detector. VX3 has preset programs developed and refined by experts, leaving you ready to find what others have left behind.

The Spectra series is the result of years of research and development, time-proven manufacturing and testing techniques, and, most of all...listening to our customers.

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White's Spectra V3i
White's Spectra Series VX3 Metal Detectors
Retail price $1,199.95
Plus $15.45 in Free accessories
Total value $1,215.40
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Now Only $1,099.00
Or Call Toll Free 1-888-535-5926
Cat# n960-8000331
Kellyco Free Accessories
• 25 Best Kept Secrets
• Dreams Come True
• Collectors Edition Treasure Hunting Magazine
Total Value: $15.45
White's Factory Included Accessories
• Instruction Manual
• 2 Year Warranty

Priced Right

At $1,199.95 suggested retail, VX3 is a lot of American Made metal detector for your dollar. You get all of the "all-around" high-performance detection you expect from a White's top-of-the-line metal detector - priced for your budget.
Save $100.95
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Exceptional Value Accessory Bundle 1
Exceptional Value Accessory Bundle 2
Complimentary Books From White's and Kellyco
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25 Best Kept Secrets
25 Best Kept Secrets
Retail Price $4.95
Cat# 960-6000212
Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True
Retail Price $5.00
Cat# 960-6000203
Collectors Edition Treasure Hunting Magazine
Collectors Edition Treasure Hunting Magazine
Retail Price $5.50
Cat# 1-mag
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String Pack / Tote Bag
Cat# 1541-74156
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
The New Metal Detecting
The Hobby by Dick Stout

Cat# 960-6210367
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
Loop Support Assembly
(Whites MXT, MXT Pro, M6, Surf Pi, Spectra VX3, Beach Hunter, Garrett GTI 2500)

A "Must Have" Accessory!
Cat# n1164-wg001
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $14.95

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Improve Your Metal Detector Purchase With:
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12x10" SEF Butterfly
Searchcoil for White's

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-10x12wv
Retail Price $319.00
Sale Price $179.95
SEF Search Coils Add 35% to 55%
More Depth.

Some Users Find Depth Actually Doubled For Many Coins, Rings, and Gold Nuggets!

15x12" SEF Butterfly Searchcoil
for White's V-Rated

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-15x12wv
Retail Price $349.99
Sale Price $189.99
21 x 17 DD SEF Butterfly Search Coil All SEF Butterfly search coils have an unusual blunted shape to the front and back of each coil resulting in greater depth and a wider searching scan letting you cover more ground in less time resulting in more "finds". What does an Excelerator SEF Coil do? It creates a Symmetrical Electromagnetic Field uniquely combining both DD ( Double D) and Concentric detection signals resulting in your detector getting the best sensitivity of both types plus greater depth!
Hipmount Kit
(Spectra V3, VX3, DFX, XLT, QXT)

Cat# 960-8025260
Retail Price $59.95
Sale Price $53.95
White's Spectra Wireless Headphones
Cat# 960-8025282
Retail Price $299.95
Sale Price $254.95
Spectra V3/VX3 Recharge System
Cat# 960-378581
Retail Price $134.95
Sale Price $114.95
White's Padded Gun-Style
Carry Bag

Cat# 960-6011205
Retail Price $49.95
Sale Price $42.45
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Hard Cap GEL
Knee Pads
(Pair of Two)

Cat# 277-66124
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Save Your Knees
White's Target Stick

Cat# 960-6011130
Retail Price $29.95
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Printed Mesh Cap

Cat# 960-6011112
ONLY $10.95
Galvanized All-Purpose Scoop
Size: 10" x 7" x 4"

Cat# 427-12
Retail Price $39.95
Sale Price $37.90

FREE Shipping
Continental U.S. Only
6" DD EXcelerator Search Coil

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-6w
Retail Price $245.00
"Kellyco Bargains"
Sale Price $124.95
5" DD EXcelerator
Search Coil for White's

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-5w
Retail Price $200.00
Sale Price $119.95
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»» Click here to see White’s Spectra VX3 recommended accessories ««
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