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White's Surf PI Dual Field Metal Detector

White's Surf PI Dual Field metal detector combines turn-on-and-go ease with unbeatable depth and sensitivity. The Surf metal detector's all-new power circuit reaches new depths, especially on the most prized jewelry - smaller gold, platinum and white gold. Even in the worst beach conditions like black sand. Now, beach and surf metal detection has a new, deeper layer of hunting!

Background: The Surfmaster Dual Field has been enhanced with increased performance over past Surfmaster PI models. It is a high-performance user-friendly metal detector, waterproof to an underwater depth of 100 feet, operating on the Pulse Induction principle. It is capable of extreme detection depth on coins and jewelry in salt water and mineralized ground. In the past, P.I. metal detectors had to be swept very slowly for maximum depth and they had very poor sensitivity to copper-nickel coins and gold. They had manual tuning which was critical to adjust and prone to drift. Most of them used a VCO or fire siren type of audio tone which changed from a low growl to a squeal when a target was detected.

The Surfmaster Dual Field is different. It is the result of over fifteen years of research and development. Our goal was to develop a Pulse Induction metal detector which could match the sweep speed, sensitivity, stability and ease of use of an Induction Balance VLF without responding to wet salt or mineralized ground. The Surfmaster Dual Field may be swept either quickly or slowly with virtually no loss in sensitivity. It was designed to be more sensitive to gold and copper-nickel alloys than to other metals.

Dry Sand Searching The Surfmaster Dual Field operates on the Pulse Induction principle. Unlike an induction balance detector, it does not require any ground balance adjustments. Most P.I. instruments must be swept very slowly in order to achieve maximum depth, but the Surfmaster Dual Field, does not. It was designed to have a fast target response, so it can be swept almost as quickly as an Induction Balance (VLF) detector.

  • NEW! Adjustable Pulse Delay reduces black sand "noise." Quiet beaches - more targets!
  • NEW! Patent Pending 12 x 6" Dual coil design that offers superb sensitivity on all targets.
  • A pulse indication metal detector for exceptional depth on coins and jewelry, especially in saltwater & mineralized ground.
  • Enhanced sensitivity to gold the most sought-after beach targets (gold jewelry) respond at maximum depths.
  • Gain control adjusts for your particular beach conditions so you get every inch of PI depth and sensitivity. Every beach is different and now your Gain can match the beach.
  • Quick Target Recovery so you hear good targets even mixed in with junk.
  • Tuner Control adjusts the threshold tone and checks battery strength.
  • Automatic Ground Rejection.
  • Completely waterproof to 100 feet.
  • Near-neutral loop buoyancy.
  • Power Supply: 8 AA batteries for up to 25 hours of hunting.
  • Headphones are hardwired into the unit, not removable.