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White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector

One of the most powerful Metal Detectors White's Electronics has ever built!

Spectra V3i Screen Shot

The Spectra V3i is the first production frequency domain Metal Detector to simultaneously use more than 2 frequencies. It is also the first multi-frequency Metal Detector to offer optimized single frequency modes. And Spectra V3i is the first to display the target phase response independently for each frequency. White's will continue to be a leading innovator in Metal Detection technology.

How Does it Work?

Spectra V3i Screen Shot

What does multi-frequency do for depth and discrimination? The truth is, any time a detector is simultaneously transmitting more than one frequency, the transmit energy must be divided amongst the frequencies. Therefore, a single frequency detector can usually squeeze out slightly more depth than a multi-frequency design at that certain frequency. But this is an advantage only at one frequency, which tends to favor only a narrow range of targets.

Spectra V3i Screen Shot

This is where the Spectra V3i really shines. The Spectra V3i transmits at 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz and 22.5kHz, making it simultaneously "HOT" on silver, gold and relics. Single frequency detectors are unable to have "Peak Performance" over such a wide range of targets. This is an advantage not only in detecting desirable targets, but also in discriminating out undesirable targets. So the Spectra V3i multi-frequency detectors get excellent depth over a much wider range of targets, and do a better job of identifying targets.

Spectra V3i Screen Shot

The Spectra V3i can also beat single frequency detectors at their own game! The Spectra V3i has the ability to run in single frequency mode using any of its three frequencies, and the transmit waveform is optimized to put all the energy into that one frequency. So if you want to hunt for only Deep Silver or only Deep gold jewelry, the Spectra V3i is optimized for these tasks.

V3i Screen Shot

The Spectra V3i is ready to go and easy to use! We have found the Spectra V3i very easy to use and offer many of the same operating conveniences that White's Metal Detectors are known for. White's engineers have incorporated many useful features like "Live Control" that allows you to quickly make changes to the sensitivity, threshold and more. A new "Zoom" feature allow you to make the text larger or expand a menu. With only six window menus to choose from, learning the Spectra V3i is Easy! You will be quickly navigating your way to finding more and deeper targets in no time at all.

Spectra V3i Can Hunt In Multiple Languages!

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Whites Spectra V3i Metal Detector Sideview
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