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White's MXT All-Pro Metal Detector

Redefining multipurpose hunting. You can do it all!
Can one metal detector find coins and jewelry at the park or on the beach?
ID buttons, buckles and bullets? Go prospecting for gold? Yes!
MXT All-Pro is as comfortable hunting for coins in the park as it is relic hunting an old battle site. Plus, it's designed by prospectors for the tough task of finding gold.
Whites MXT All-Pro Detector
White's MXT All-Pro combines the "fast tracking" of ground minerals with White's patented VDI system of target identification and discrimination. The MXT All-Pro is simple to operate, with all the features you need to locate and identify coins, jewelry and relics, and the ground cancelling capability to automatically eliminate heavy ground mineralization and find those elusive gold nuggets.
Whites MXT All-Pro Display
  • Coin & Jewelry Program: displays VD/ #, target blocks, and coin / jewelry / trash labels.
  • Relic Program: l.D. buttons, buckles and bullets. Unique audio response similar to DFX's Mixed Mode Audio.
  • Prospecting Program: features Goldmaster's patented display information.
  • Flip the trigger and zero in on your target's exact location. Read depth and watch the bars fill for accurate digging.
  • 10" Double D Search Coil providing maximum depth. Interchangeable with all Eclipse accessory search coils.
  • Adjustable SL rod system. Perfect balance and control for all -day hunting comfort.
  • Primary and Automatic Modes - plus, Pinpoint and Track Stop.
  • Dual control in Coin and Jewelry, and Relic programs. Functions as a fullrange discriminator. In Prospecting program, adjusts S.A.T. speed from "O" to Hyper S.A.T.
  • Drop-in battery pack. 40-hour operation from 8 "AA" batteries with optional Nicad Pack and charging system.
  • Operating Frequency - 14 kHz
  • (2) Two Year Factory Warranty
- Super 12 Search Coil -
White's Super 12" Search Coil
A powerful detecting tool, this 12" Spider coil enhances the deep-seeking ability of the MXT & MXT All-Pro. The Super 12's spider design is surprisingly light, and works great in the surf. Like all White's search coils, the Super 12 is engineered & handcrafted for precision hunting. Click Here For More Information

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