Whites MX5 Detector Field Test

Excerpts from "White’s MX5 Observations and Field Tests" by Paul S.

Whites TDI SL Detectors "I noticed a lot of control similarities based on the MXT but incorporated into a touch pad control system instead of the box and knob control design.

The weight of the MX5 is exceptional. It’s packed with a lot of features and yet only weighs 3 lbs 9 oz. With the low weight and excellent balance you can have a long hunt day without fatigue. It should be popular for those who prefer a lighter machine.

I found all the controls, Select, Discrimination and Pinpoint easy to use and navigate through on the touch pad. The MX5 adjusts the ground balance automatically as you move across different ground conditions. I was able to turn the detector on and start hunting immediately. If you prefer you can ground balance by finding a spot free of targets and pump the coil up and down a few times.

The MX5 has two displays showing depth of a target. There is a depth bar displayed on the left side of the screen segmented to show approximate depth in 2 inch increments. Switching to Pinpoint brings up a two-digit number showing depth in 1/2" increments. As with most detectors depth is calibrated to be accurately displayed on coin size objects. I found the MX5 depth readings to be very accurate on the coins I dug.

"Items found included 68 pennies, 8 nickels, 12 dimes, 2 quarters, a broken pocket knife, a small rhinestone studded earring in the shape of a cross, one key, a 20 inch chain of very small links, 4 inch pink cross, a matching pair of earrings found 15 feet apart from each other, a broken 4 inch section of chain that has the clasp stamped 14K ( not sure its real), child’s ring with three stones, a ladybug earring and a bracelet with dog item charms. Oh, and a pouch full of bottle caps, pull tabs, nails, foil and other trash. I always tell people that purchase a machine to dig everything until they get used to what the machine is telling you compared with what they dig. I found the MX5 to be accurate on what it was telling me."