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White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

Full Size Display!

Large easy to read display with target labels and VDI Numbers below!
The White's Electronics manufacturers warranty covers all metal detector parts and labor for two years from the original purchase date.

Matrix M6 is a high performing medium priced, easy-to-use coin and jewelry detector for parks, beaches and general use in all ground conditions.

M6 is a Winner!!

M6 searches "worked out" site. Finds loads
of old coins including silver dimes and quarters.
BIG FIND - Kennedy Half-Dollar

DISC control
DISC control with easy
set labels and 2 preset settings
SENS control
Full Range SENS Control
adjustable for maximum depth

Auto Trac
High performance in all grounds-2 Auto TracĀ®
settings including one for saltwater beaches.


  • Turn-on-and-go Simplicity. 2 controls-DISC and SENS.
  • Auto Trac® Toggle Beach, Auto and Off Mode.
  • Pinpoint / All Metal Mode Just squeeze and hold the trigger under the display to read the target depth and watch the pinpoint blocks to see when you are directly over the target.
  • 7 tone I.D. No need to even look at the display. Just listen for the sounds you want to dig. The VDI ranges and the corresponding tones:
    • -95 = 57Hz (Low tone)
    • -94 to -4 = 128 Hz
    • -5 to 7 = 145 Hz
    • 8 to 26 = 182 Hz
    • 27 to 49 = 259 Hz
    • 50 to 70 = 411 Hz
    • 70 to 95 = 900 (High tone) Hz
  • Full Size Display Target Labels, VDI Numbers, Depth Reading.
  • Slide-in AA battery pack for up to 40 hours of hunting.
  • 9.5 inch Waterproof Search Coil. The Matrix M6 is compatible with all Eclipse accessory search coils!
  • Operating Frequency - 14kHz
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum housing
  • American Made Craftsmanship
  • Two Year Parts and Labor Warranty