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White's Classic 5-ID
with 9” Pro Spider search coil
See what you found before you dig!

Two control simplicity meets top-of-the-line technology.
More than 30% depth improvement with 9" Pro Spider search coil.

The new White's Classic 5 ID is a detector with something for everyone. It’s lightweight and easy to use, but with the power and depth usually found on more expensive detectors.

It was a tall order to improve on the Classic detectors. For years, they have out performed the competition. Now, we've taken the proven Classic technology and added some great new features and of course we've packaged the Classics in the same lightweight, perfectly balanced configuration as our top-of-the-line E-Series detectors.

The Classic 5 ID has a list of features that perform and all it takes is a very slow sweep speed with this machines quick recovery to ensure that you don’t miss a thing.You also get the flexibility of fully adjustable discrimination and sensitivity. Top it off with silent search, a powerful all-metal pinpointing, in addition to interchangeable loops, and you’re ready to find it all!

You'll love the look and feel of the Classic 5-ID Pro design, and the lightweight armrest. Plus the trigger mounted right on the rod is easier than ever to get to, for pinpointing and mode switching.  We're excited about this new Classic 5-ID Pro easier than ever to use, with the performance you expect from White's. Now engineered to use the maximum depth capabilities of the latest generation Professional search coil.

The classic instruments are professionally designed metal detectors with impressive performance highlighted by light weight, ease of operation, and very quick response between targets. This makes each of the Classics great detectors in trashy areas.

The new Classic series continues the tradition of outstanding value and durability. With its all metal constructions the Classics are built to last and their reputation has proven that. Classics have always stood for superior performance in the field! Easy-to-use and rock solid discrimination make this Classic 5-ID Pro a "best choice!"


"Improved" Classic 5-ID Pro will dramatically increase your success in finding coins, rings, relics and other treasures by getting the signal down 30% deeper.  For many years the Classic series has been a "best choice" by thousands of treasure hunters over similar featured detectors.

More than just a simple turn-on-and-go machine, the Classic 5-ID Pro offers silent search discrimination that enables you to hear the faintest and deepest targets.

The convenient handle mounted trigger switch for pinpointing makes for effortless digging of coins and jewelry. The all-metal mode switch is as easy as locking the switch in the 2nd position and you're ready to dig all targets! Controls are simple and straight forward in operation making adjustments fast and easy!

The Classic 5-ID Pro is one of the few automatic set ground balancing detectors that can be trimmer adjusted by the operator for even more precise ground balancing. With that feature alone, this Classic series detectors will work in just about any soil. Discrimination is easy with a simple single turn control that offers "at a glance" control. Now for the best part, the Classic 5-ID Pro will give you an 8 zone advance target identification system so you will always know your target before you dig! No wasted time digging junk!


  • 9" Pro Spider Searching Coil.
  • Deeper, more accurate Target ID with xtra-large meter shows identity of detected targets. It's completely automatic White’s new patented I. D. system you can count on - even on those deep coins. See and hear what you've detected before you dig it up!
  • Large Eight-block LCD with easy-to-read graphics. Easy identification of targets!
  • Two Controls: Discriminate and sensitivity with preset settings for easy operation. Ring range detects all jewelry and coins. For trashy areas, set at the higher coin range to ignore junk and pick up most coins.
  • Silent search discrimination. Hear just the treasure!
  • Very slow sweep and quick recovery. Great for trashy areas.
  • 9" Pro Spider search coil for best recovery of the deepest coins!
  • Automatic Set Ground Balancing
  • Optional adjustable ground balance. Can be adjusted to accommodate extreme ground minerals.
  • Trigger Pinpointing switches to "All-Metal" for easy pinpointing
  • All-metal or discriminate modes - Both with VDI
  • Convenient handle mounted pinpoint/All-metal Toggle
  • Three-piece rod set breaks down into a compact package for travel.
  • Slide-in 8 "AA" battery system delivers up to 50 hours of battery life
  • Weight - only 3.8 lbs
  • Search coil operating frequency 8.0 KHz.
  • 2-Year Warranty!
New Classic 5ID target ID meters shows you whats in the ground in easy to view indicating “blocks”

“Nails, Bottle Caps and Iron”

“Nickel and Coins”

“Silver, 25¢”

Classic instruments use what is known as a two-filter electronic circuit which allows for very quick response time between targets. The results: great performance in trash areas and excellent detection depth in light to medium soil types. In fact, in certain types of ground conditions, the Classics may exceed the detection depths of some of the more sophisticated four filter models.

Ken White's on the new Classic ID...
"Our target I. D.  technology is second to none! White's pioneered visual target identification and now, we're proud to bring it to you in our new Classic I. D. It's a great way to get started with a White's Detector!"