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NEW White's Classic 4
With the New 9" Pro Searchcoil
Sensitivity and Discriminate Controls with Preset Coin and Ring Range Settings.

We're excited about the new Whites Classic lineup Easier than ever to use, with the performance you expect from White's. And now the Classic comfort and convenience. No matter which classic model (4 or 5ID) you'll get a whole lot of metal detector for your dollar!

It was a tall order to improve on the Classic detectors. For years, they have out performed the competition. Now, we've taken the proven Classic technology and added some great new features and of course we've packaged the Classics in the same lightweight, perfectly balanced configuration as our top-of-the-line E-Series detectors.

The classic instruments are professionally designed metal detectors with impressive performance highlighted by light weight, ease of operation, and very quick response between targets. This makes each of the Classics great detectors in trashy areas. We are proud to say many of our top of the line buyers have purchased Classics for friends and family members as well as a second unit for competition hunts, extreme trashy areas, light to medium soils, as well as to have more fun!

You'll love the look and feel of the SL design - and the new lightweight armrest. Plus, the new trigger mounted right on the rod is easier than ever to get to, for pinpointing and mode switching that's a snap. New Classic 4 features a lightweight upper rod with camlock and lower fiber rod.

The Classic models have discrimination with the well-known stuttering rejection sound that has become a White's trademark.  Thus, what is learned in the use of a classic model can be used later on if the choice is made to upgrade to a more expensive metal detector.

Classic instruments use what is known as a two-filter electronic circuit which allows for very quick response time between targets. The results: Great performance in trashy areas and excellent detection depth in light to medium soil types. In fact, in certain types of ground conditions, the Classics may exceed the detection depths of some of the more sophisticated (and expensive) four filter models.

With its NEW 9" Pro Coil, the New Classic 4 just got better! Easy-to-use because of its all automatic operation that gives you full adjustable control over Sensitivity and Discrimination. Pinpointing is a snap with the new open center 9" coil.  Rugged and reliable, the Classic 4 is ready to find coins, rings and jewelry as well as hidden coin caches. Buried treasures, relics and artifacts can be found at impressive depths.

The Classic 4 is a metal detector with a great history world wide.  It is a "No-nonsense" detector without many of the frills found on other detectors. The manufacturing costs have gone into the electronics and search coil, making this detector more sensitive and deeper than other models with frills that do not add depth or ability to find deeper targets. The All-Metal control box is far stronger and more rugged than detectors made of plastic. The Classic will last for years and years, providing the user with good performance, deep detection and an outstanding ability to discriminate and tune-out troublesome junk and trash.

Some Classic 4 Exciting Features:
• Eighty hours of battery life on a set of eight penlight batteries. Uses 8 AA batteries.
• Two filter circuitry which allows very quick response time: Ideal for trashy areas and light to medium soul mineralization.
• White's famous "GEB Motion Discrimination" detects deeper in mineralized ground than similarly priced instruments.
• Discrimination and sensitivity controls with pre-set settings for ring and coin ranges
• Silent search
• Trigger switch flips to discrimination.
• Comfortable counter balanced "S" shaft.
• Ground balance trimmer which can be adjusted to enhance ground rejection (ground balance control).
• 1/4 Inch headphone jack for use with quality headphones.
• Comes standard with 9" interchangeable Pro coil,
• 2-year warranty, and complete instructions.
• Weighs 3 lbs.
• Search coil operating frequency 8.0 kHz

Very Low Frequency (VLF) :

The Classic 4 is an outstanding deep searching
Metal Detector able to compete and even excel against Metal Detectors costing many hundreds of dollars more.

If your looking for a quality Metal Detector with a solid warranty from America's top Metal Detector selling manufacturer, able to easily find Coins, Rings, Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Relics and other treasures at an unbelievable price, this is it. This is not a clearance sale item, we have them on our shelf, and more on the way for this "One & Only" sale. Don't Miss This Opportunity!!

— Important Information —

Most people who buy a metal detector are impressed by meters that identify the find, or buried item. Some metal detectors can even indicate the depth of a buried object and we agree, yes, that information is nice to know.

However, all of that information is gathered AFTER the find was discovered! Nothing on any meter can drive the signal deeper into the ground, or even increase the sensitivity of the signals that get sent out from the detector.

Can be Used by Anyone

Many metal detector manufactures produce their most expensive detectors with OUT meters - Minelab's SD and GPX series, MP5 Pro Swift Seeker, all of the DetectorPro products — and many serious detector users prefer deeper seeking detectors to metered models because they find more valuables, more often, and deeper!

Find Treasures Not Trash!

The Classic 4 will give you more for your money - especially if you want to find deeply buried valuables. You can set this detector to eliminate any or all junk and find only good targets. It's simple to tune, easy-to-use, and will take you deeper than many other metal detectors!