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White's BeachHunter® 300 Metal Detector

The White's Beach Hunter 300 delivers everything a beach or land detectorist could need - high quality, dual frequency, and reliability!

With only two search modes and three controls, tuning this metal detector is fast and easy. Of course, being able to safely take it into 25ft. of both salt and fresh water is a benefit that any surf detectorist will love.

The Beach Hunter's new, 300 coil has near neutral buoyancy and provides excellent results, every time, everywhere. The new 300 search coil will allow you to cover more ground per sweep, and find the deepest buried treasures.

White's designed the Beach Hunter 300 with an easy-to-use discrimination system that features three special, color-coded lights, each paired with a specific audio tone to quickly identify your targets. Know what you've found, BEFORE you dig!

Glen Hansen did some of the original testing on the
White's Beach series and had this to say...

"The detector was one of the easiest I have ever used. Ran smooth as silk on hot dry sand, wet high mineralized sand, and even in the ocean.  The color coded target ID Lights did everything for me except make the coins come out of the ground.  I knew accurately what was under the search coil. As I mentioned when my picture was taken, "For me the Beach Hunter ID is the answer for beach hunting.  This detector proved its worth to me by locating 2 gold rings and a 1918 Silver Dollar the first time out!"