White's Beach and Surf Series Metal Detector Accessories

Carry Bags & Hard Cases

Keeping all of your equipment together and safe is important. Carry bags and cases will protect your equipment from the elements, provide security, and keep everything from view while stored in your car or other places. In addition to protection, carry bags and cases are the easiest way to transport all of your treasure hunting equipment in one trip. View our complete line of carry bags and hard cases.

Featured Carry Bags & Hard Cases
Universal Compact Case
with White's logo

Cat# 960-60111581
Retail Price $109.95
Sale Price $99.95
White's Padded Gun-Style
Carry Bag

Cat# 960-6011205
Retail Price $49.95
Sale Price $42.45
Big Brute Padded
Carrying Bag with 2 pockets

Cat# 305-FLCB
Retail Price $99.95
Sale Price $79.95
Deluxe Extra Long Padded
Carry Bag

Cat# 495-bagbxl
Retail Price $89.95
Sale Price $79.95
Carrying Bag with Logo

Cat# 64-44185L
Retail Price $79.95
Sale Price $59.95
Trailblazer Accessory Carry Bag
Cat# 64-5655l
Retail Price $79.95
Sale Price $49.95

Digging Tools

Digging tools are easily one of the most necessary items required to recover coins, rings and other treasures. While scoops work many places, they won't work on grass, clay, or river rock. Knives are incredibly useful and can sometimes get through grass, but clay and rock are still difficult. Diggers are the perfect answer no matter where you are! They can cut and dig through almost every type of soil! Don't miss our huge selection of digging tools that will get the job done - no matter where you are!

Featured Digging Tools
Kellyco Scoop
Cat# 64-5641
Retail Price $24.95
Sale Price $19.95

FREE Shipping
Continental U.S. Only
Galvanized All-Purpose Scoop
Size: 10" x 7" x 4"

Cat# 427-12
Retail Price $39.95
Sale Price $37.90

FREE Shipping
Continental U.S. Only
Pro 12 Straight Handle Speed Scoop (12" Handle, 1.7 lbs.)
Cat# 519-33
ONLY $39.95

FREE Shipping
Continental U.S. Only
Beachmaster 2 in 1 Adjustable
Handle Hand Scoop

Cat# 519-11720
1qt. Scoop Only $77.95
2qt. Scoop Only $84.95
Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Sand Scoop 6" Wide Bucket
Cat# 712-LSFX
Retail Price $179.95
Sale Price $149.95

FREE Shipping
Continental U.S. Only
3 Part Deluxe
Treasure Digging Kit

Cat# 1-1070k
Retail Price $94.95
Sale Price $49.95

Pinpointers & Probes

Often called "hand held metal detectors," pinpointers and probes have proven to be the most effective tool a treasure hunter can have in the field. Hearing the treasure and digging the hole does not instantly lead you to the buried item. Through the piles of dirt and sand there is a treasure that has been in the ground for years and oxidation often causes the item to have changed color, making it difficult to see. This is where the right pinpointer or probe can be invaluable! Spend less time checking the dirt from the hole - just continuously check as you go and spend your time locating a target quickly! We proudly distribute all of the most popular and high performing pinpointers and probes on the market today and there is one for every budget!

Featured Pinpointers & Probes
Vibra Probe 580 Pinpointer
Cat# 384-580
Retail Price $149.95
Sale Price $129.95
NEW White's Bullseye TRX Pinpointer
Cat# 960-8000343
Retail Price $159.95
Sale Price $149.95
NEW Vulcan 360 Pinpointer
w/ Slip-On Belt Holster

Cat# n64-8852V
Retail Price $199.95
Was $179.95
Now Only $119.95
Featured Books
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The New Metal Detecting
The Hobby by Dick Stout

Cat# 960-6210367
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
Inside the Metal Detector
Cat# 960-6000226
Retail Price $34.95
Sale Price $28.95
Metal Detecting For Beginners by Ed Tisdale
Cat# 960-6000214
ONLY $14.95
Metal Detecting Previously Hunted Sites
Cat# 960-6000205
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
Pan for Gold the Basics
Cat# 960-6000223
ONLY $9.95
Successful Treasure Hunting
Cat# 960-6000213
ONLY $14.95
Researching Ghost Towns
Cat# 960-6000199
ONLY $5.95
Eastern Treasure Hunting
Cat# 960-6210473
ONLY $14.95

Miscellaneous Accessories

The right tools and supplies for successful treasure hunting.

Featured Miscellaneous Accessories
Rechargeable Battery

Cat# 960-5090023
Retail Price $74.95
Sale Price $67.95
Anderson White’s Regular Shaft (Black)
Cat# 1429-0810
Retail Price $139.95
Sale Price $119.99
Fiber Lower Rod
(V3, DFX, MXT, MX5, M6, XLT, GMT, TDI, BH ID, Surf Dual Field, Classic 4 & 5, Sierra Madre)

Cat# 960-50002421
Retail Price $14.95
Sale Price $13.99
3/8 Search Coil Hardware
Cat# 960-802509611
ONLY $1.95
Lower Tall Man Rod
(V3, DFX, MXT, M6, XLT Classic, GMT, TDI, Classic 4 & 5, Sierra Madre)

Cat# 960-50002423
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $17.99
Loop Support Assembly
(Whites MXT, MXT Pro, M6, Surf Pi, Spectra VX3, Beach Hunter, Garrett GTI 2500)

A "Must Have" Accessory!
Cat# n1164-wg001
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $14.95

Limited 1 per order!
E-Z Swing
Cat# 384-ezs
Retail Price $99.95
Sale Price $79.95
Whites Khaki / Navy Brushed Cotton Cap
Cat# 960-6011189
ONLY $12.95