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Treasure & Metal Detecting Videos

Enjoy the videos below and add your treasure story to our new customer treasure stories section.
ABC Good Morning America's Show Me the Money: Modern Day Treasure Hunters Find Gold, Change in Unlikely Spots

Searching for treasure isn't only for movie characters. Real-life adventure hunters have unearthed treasures worth thousands of dollars in their own backyards.

Take Tim Saylor and George Wyant, who have their own metal detecting-themed company called Anaconda Treasure...

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$13,000 Rolex Watch Found!
Two of Kellyco's favorite customers display finds they've made over the years... one of which is a $13,000 Rolex watch! How could anyone forget about that find?!
Metal Detector Pays for $25,000 Truck!
Bob has been metal detecting all over the United States for 11 years and has one of the most extensive finds collections we have ever seen. Coins, relics, gold nuggets and one of the most valuable diamond rings we've known to be found have all turned up under Bob's coil.
$2,000 in Rings Found!
George has only been metal detecting for four years, but he has found thousands of dollars in rings, coins and other jewelry. This is something you've got to see to believe!
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Almost $13,000 in Gold Jewelery Found!
Don has been metal detecting 12 years and has made it all around the world with his detector. To say he found a "relic" is putting it mildly - One coin is from 50 B.C.! But if old finds don't impress you, check out his bag of 14oz. of gold coins, rings, and jewelry!
Over 100,000 Coins Found!
Bill has been detecting for 20 years and has the coins to prove it! But it's the rings and other collectables that are truly impressive. This is a success story like no other!
Never Too Old! - Metal Detecting at 80!
Betty and Bill are still metal detecting 30 years after buying their first metal detector! Both are in amazing shape, enjoying the hobby and getting out together. But if that doesn't impress you, check out all their finds!
Kellyco Employees Doing What They Do Best!
Watch Jack and Bobby test metal detectors for just another day on the job - aren't they lucky?
Diamond Rings Found In The Darnedest Places!
Watch Jerry find a ring in a matter of minutes! And of course it fits Lorrie JUST right... Why can't it always be this easy?
Kellyco Metal Detector's Central Florida Commercial
See Kellyco's large showroom, treasures in our museum, and customers on the beach in our central Florida commerical!
Kellyco Metal Detector's Commercial for White's Detectors
See the commercial that inspired all of central Florida! If gold, treasures rings and other jewelry doesn't lure you in, the testimonial from Kellyco customers who are dedicated to the "thrill" of the find will be sure to!

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