Treasure Commander TC3X Metal Detector
"Duck Commander meets Treasure Commander with the Phil Robertson Signature Edition Digital Detector"
Plus: Mystery of Uncle Si's Buried Treasure

Packed-full of industry firsts, the brand new TC3X Treasure Commander Signature Edition kicks metal detecting up a full notch in technology and innovative metal detector design

Duck Commander The TC3X is a feature-rich professional metal detector ready for any type of Treasure Hunting. With impressive 11 inch Submersible Double D Search coil, this detector helps you target rings, coins, and relics at depths up to twenty percent (20%!) deeper than the impressive TC1X and TC2X models. Included is a TRUE TOUCH SCREEN LCD meter – an industry first! – which makes hunting adjustments a snap.

Treasure Commander Detector Included is powerful new GEO-X GPS Technology that lets you save up to 10 Waypoints–up to 999 yards away –with a simple push of a button. Did you say GPS? Typically, GPS modes are normally found on detectors costing upwards of $3,000 dollars. but not with the TC3X. Press a button and easily save and then re-locate the exact spot you last discovered that large amounts of coins, jewelry, or valuable artifacts. .Makes it simple to return to any “good detecting” site.

New to the TC3X is also patented search technology called PST, or Precision Search Technology. PST auto-samples hidden buried targets to automatically adjust your detection patterns. You’ll quickly recover ALL buried target—no matter their size—and beat others to new treasures. Plus, the TC3X comes with an adjustable, large backlit display (another industry first!) and a digital interface that’s easy-to-read in all lighting conditions.

Treasure Commander Detector If that’s not enough, you get incredibly convenient touches like a Super Bright LED light which, when turned on, illuminates your Search coil and makes it effortless to find treasure when the sun fades (especially if you detect at dusk) along with Four (4) HD High Definition Audio Tones to notify you audibly of buried targets—and lets you leave other hunters in the dust.

The TC3X gives you 8 total modes (choices) to custom tune your detector for any type of soil conditions. Five (5) modes help you adjust Discrimination levels to tune out unwanted junk while honing in on valuable finds quickly. And the TC3X is simple to use and set up with three (3) pre-set non-adjustable factory custom programs: All Metals, Coins, and Jewelry modes…. plus 2 additional modes to custom set the Discrimination levels where you want: Ground Grab – makes ground balancing fast and simple; True Trigger Pinpoint –quickly helps you zero in on all detected target; and True Touch Screen LCD – revealing a target’s depth in inches and signal strength.

Treasure Hunting with the Treasure Commander TC3X is easier and more fun
Mystery Of Uncle Si's Buried Treasure

HEY HEY. listen up. Did you know after Si Robertson came back from Viet Nam (more than 27 years ago) he was listening to TV and heard how much old coins and gold were selling for, so he put a bunch of coins and gold "dongs"** in a can and buried it in his yard figuring he’d dig it up when the prices got real high. Evidently he forgot all about it until his nephew Jase lost his new wedding band and Si was asked to get his metal detector so they could look for the it When walking from his shed to the truck, Uncle Si turned on his metal detector, swung the search coil to the ground to see if it was still working and after walking only a few feet the detector made a loud "BEEP!" and suddenly Uncle Si remembered the money he had buried years ago.. Jep and Walter agreed to do the digging after agreeing to split the treasure equally, and after almost 30 minutes, the shovel hit the top of a can almost 25 inches deep, and there was the buried treasure! The metal detector was spot on the target! Excitedly opening the can, the coins were there but where was the gold?* **Gold dongs are a form of Vietnamese money.

Right now, you can find your own treasures using either the powerful Treasure Commander TC1X or TC2X Metal Detectors, or selecting Commanders Best Metal Detector, the TC3X. Metal detecting is one of the fastest growing sports/hobby here in America, with people finding old and new coins, (many sold for thousands of dollars) valuable gold and diamond rings, lots of gold jewelry, relics from battles of the Civil War, even old metal toys are bringing big prices! These are the best detectors for the money. Early tests show the Treasure Commanders search deeper into the ground than detectors costing more!. Commander detectors are great for beginners to old pro's. Easy to tune and use, Detectors do all the work you just pick up the money. This is the only spots hobby that we know of that pays for itself while you're having fun and might even get rich!

*You can see Uncle Si Robertson digging up his buried treasure on Duck Dynasty TV show on A&E Channel. Click on Duck Dynasty and find the episode titled "Ring around the Redneck".

Metal detectors may never look this good again!
  • True Touchscreen Technology
  • PST Precision Search Technology
  • Built-in Pinpoint Trigger with Exclusive Molded Trigger Design
  • Built-in Bright LED Light to illuminate hunting ground
  • Real Tree Xtra Camo
  • GEO-X GPS Technology allows saving and location up to 10 locations
  • Exclusive Adjustable Meter Assembly
  • Durable lightweight poly carbonate construction
  • Large simple to use digital backlit True Touchscreen interface
  • 8 metal categories and adjustable discrimination modes
  • 3 factory preset elimination modes: All-Metal, Coin and Jewelry
  • 2 Custom programmable modes: Discrimination and Notch Ground Grab Ground balancing
  • 4 individual HD audio tones
  • Signal strength and depth indicators in Trigger Pinpoint mode
  • Quick Release extension rod design, adds up to 7 inches
  • Arm Guard with Adjustable Strap
  • Real Tree Xtra housing w/ 3.5mm headphone jack ( headphones not included)
  • Lightweight perfectly balanced High powered 11" Double D Adjustable Search Coil
  • Left or Right Handed use
  • Uses 6 AA-cell Alkaline batteries ( not included)
  • 1-Year Warranty
Features of True Touchscreen LCD
  • GPS location arrows
  • 8 metal categories
  • 3 Factory Preset modes
  • 2 Digits and Category Metal ID
  • Battery level
  • Sensitivity/Volume
  • Yards from GPS Target
  • Depth of Metal target
  • PinPoint Signal Strength
  • Full Menu