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Customer Treasure Finds and Stories

Brought to you by KELLYCO Metal Detector SuperStore. All of the treasures shown below are items that our customers have either brought to Kellyco to show us or have emailed us their pictures . As you can see, a metal detector can unearth some of the worlds most beautiful treasures and bring a lifetime of excitement.

Whites MXT Brings Luck To Dennis

Hi JW, I thought you might like to see a photo of a 14K gold ring with 8 diamonds that I recovered this 4th of July. I was able to get out of the house early today to do some metal detecting before it got to hot. I went to a park that had a couple of ball diamonds. I was swinging my White's MXT in left field when I got a solid 14 VDI reading on the display.I dug the target and imagine my surprise when this beautiful gold ring with 8 diamonds popped out of the hole. This is my second gold ring with diamonds in two days.

I guess I am pretty lucky. I continued my hunt for another hour or so and found a little clad and a silver football medallion. On the back it is ingraved Broncos 2006, which I think is refering to the Boise State Broncos, who went 13-0 this year plus winning the Fiesta Bowl over Oklahoma. Well JW have a good one and happy hunting.

Dennis in , Idaho
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