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Metal Detector Treasure Finds, Pictures and Stories

There are treasure hunters all over the world uncovering incredible finds with a metal detector. Whether you’re new to the hobby, or a seasoned pro, sharing the story behind each discovery is part of the fun and excitement. Check out these treasure finds and stories; some of which are from our very own customers!
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1313 Stories
Fisher F2
Fisher F2
Fisher F2
Fisher F2 Finds 1855 Ten Dollar Gold Eagle
I bought my Fisher F2 a couple of weeks ago from Kellyco and couldnt be more happy with it.It paid for its self in the first three hunts with tons of clad, 2 silver rings,a silver charm and a 8.57gram 10k gold bracelet.So i knew it was time to hit some older locations for older finds. I do a little research and find a spot. On tuesday i only hit it for a couple of hours and right away know im coming back. I go home with 2 1919 wheaties a 1962 rosy and thoughts of what i might find on my next trip. Two days later im back in the same spot and run into another metal detector....
Wanda did the Chicken Dance 3 Times!
The sun was shining. The weather was great and by 10 o'clock. Lorrie, Jerry and I tuned our detectors on the beach near the boardwalk at Daytona. The tide was so high the water was coming all the way up to the wall by the steps leading to the beach. Lorrie was using her White's Beach Hunter ID, Jerry had his trusty Minelab Sovereign Elite and I was testing the Minelab Excalibur 1000 with the 10 Inch search coil....
2000 Year Old Coin
I was part of a tour group that was hunting certain properties in the U.K.. This was my second trip as I usually go for two weeks at a time. Our tour guide Chris has been to Kellyco Metal Detector SuperStore a couple times on his vacations from the U.K. to the U.S.. It was the second week of the tour that we came to this selected hunting field. There are several fields to hunt and Chris leaves the decision where to hunt every day to the fellows in the group, so thats what we did. As several of us arrived to the chosen location I began my particular search pattern. About two hours into the morning hunt I got a nice signal and unearthed this 50 B.C. Celtic Stater....
Orange Grove Yields Strongbox with Thousands of Dollars
TAMPA - For decades adventurers have plied the shores of Florida's peninsula in search of sunken riches, mostly in vain. But James S. had only to sink a shovel in an orange grove. A few feet beneath the rich black soil he clanged against an old metal box containing four bills in denominations from $100 to $1,000 dating back to 1839. Two of them were issued by United States banks prior to the Civil War. The oldest, from the Clinton Bank of Philadelphia, was issued to a Samuel Benedict for $100 on December 2, 1839. The others were Confederate currency. "I'd just set out to plant a couple orange trees," said the auto leasing company worker. He had rec...
Key West Gold Diggers Looking for Pirate's Chest
Two brothers working on a water well in their backyard have unearthed more than two pounds of gold nuggets and are digging deeper in hope of finding a pirate's chest full of treasure. "I don't think there's any doubt in the world there's something down there," said Kent. "It could be a jewelry box. It could be bigger." Kent and his brother, Jim, of New York, are renovating a group of classic old Key West houses they bought in 1977. The search in the back yard of a house across the street from author Ernest Hemingway's former home began Wednesday when a driller looking for well water found more than two pounds of 12- and 14-karat nug...
The Sports Car of Search Coils!
I use to think bigger was better until I used the 5" EXcelerator Search coil for my White's Metal Detector. I hunted an old park in San Francisco and within one hour I had found four silvers, one being a Barber. I also found a lot of clad coins (over two hundred) and a few wheat pennies. I have hunted this park before but with a larger coil. I found the EXcelerator gave me better coverage because it wasn't being masked by unwanted targets. This little coil saw through and under trash. It read multi-targets, so a lot of holes had more than one coin in it! I had a fun day at the park with this little coil. I feel that sometimes a larger coil misses coins that a...
White's Classic 4 Metal Detector Finds 1880 Five Dollar Gold Coin
I bought a White's Classic from Tony at Kellyco about 2 months ago. I went to a cow pasture near new construction of a subdivision in Kissimmee, Florida to treasure hunt with my new detector. I noticed a clump of trees in the pasture and thought there might have been an old home site on the property. After a search of about 15 minutes I had found no home site....
1945 War Nickel
Thanks for getting out the new detector for me. My sixth from Kellyco. I've also sent everyone else to Kellyco that expresses interest in a metal detector. Anyway, I beat the freeze today and got out for a "field test" with the Musketeer Advantage. I am giving this machine to my sister and wanted to get accustomed to it so I could show her how to use it. In a half hour I bagged a wheatie, some clad, and a '45 war nickel. I think this is a good starter machine and would recommend it for anyone as their first unit. The 8" coil seems to be good around the trash as I was hunting an area with a fair amount of junk in the ground. The machine seems to do a g...
Minelab Explorer SE Pro
Minelab Explorer SE Pro
Minelab Explorer SE Pro
1738 George II Half Penny
As I was growing up in the town of Niantic, CT my father always took me hunting and the Thanksgiving Day Pheasant Hunt was always something special. Now my youngest son and I enjoy a different type of hunting... treasure hunting. We have been treasure hunting for about one and a half years now. The finds just seem to get better the more I learn the Minelab Explorer ways. My son TJ loves collecting coins and has quite a nice collection. Half of the coins he has are coins we have found. Our dream is to someday find a Morgan Silver Dollar. We once found a 1906 Indian Head Penny, then a pre-1900 coin was our goal. We haven't found one yet but on Thanksgiving Day we found a 1...
Fisher 1270
Fisher 1270
Fisher 1270
David Found Hundreds of Religious Jewels on ONE Hunt with his Fisher 1266x Metal Detector!!
Recently a friend of mine invited me to hunt an area he had been hunting for the past few years. He felt like he had recovered most of the things that could be found with a standard 12" coil. After we arrived at the location we discovered it was an old home site. I began searching the area using using my 1266x and the 12" Hot Head Coil. After finding several old pieces of iron hinges and farm tools that were 18" to 20" deep, I began walking back to my truck and received a clean signal that was "relay deep". After digging down approx. 2 ft, I retrieved the crown you see here which was sitting on top of a small leather purse that was decayed.I kept digging for another 45 minute...