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Hello all!

I was in Boston for work today (May 3rd, 2012) and stopped at a green on the way back that we have hammered !! It is not very big... City block one way and about 1/2 block the other...

I was pretty wet from the knees down in short order... Stock Pro coil... TTF (Two Tone Ferrous) and working slow....

5 minutes in... Solid 12/41 @ 3"... 1910 Wheatie... Check for friends... nope... Tap the plug back in... Sweep over the plug... 10/41 11/40 @ 7"... hmmm... The wheatie was masking a deeper target...

It looks like a nickel... but wait... it's a little bigger... I SEE A "2"... Happy dance....

I've dug over 50 coppers... 5 Colonial Silver coins... 100+ indians... 200+ Silver coins... Hundreds of Buttons, Buckles... but this 2 center has eluded me... so it's been 4 years since I started... and I can now scratch this one off the list :-)

90 minutes of boiling peroxide this coin cleaned up nicely :-)

Thank you Minelab!!

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