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There are treasure hunters all over the world uncovering incredible finds with a metal detector. Whether you’re new to the hobby, or a seasoned pro, sharing the story behind each discovery is part of the fun and excitement. Check out these treasure finds and stories; some of which are from our very own customers!
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MXT Reunites Owner with Class Ring!

It was in March 2007 that I decided to purchase a White’s MXT detector. I already had a White’s Spectrum, but I had loaned it to an older fellow whom I later found out was very ill, possibly terminal. He could barely get around and he just loved my Spectrum. So, needless to say, I didn’t have the heart to tell him I wanted it back. That’s when I got in touch with Gary Fowler in Jonesborough, TN., who by the way has probably forgotten more about detecting than most of us would ever know. He is also a White’s dealer. He showed me several detectors and I have heard a lot about the MXT.

A few days later I had gotten permission to hunt on an old homestead in Johnson City, TN. I asked the owner if there was anything in particular to be on the lookout for. She told me she had lost her class ring just a few days after she had gotten it. She told me where she thought she had lost it, but doubted that I would find it because she and her family had looked for it for so long. It was getting late so I went to work with my new MXT. She went about her business feeding the animals. In less than 30 minutes I got a good solid signal about 3.5” and yes up popped the ring right where she said it was! I didn’t show it to her right away as I wanted to clean it up, but I showed it to her husband, Eddie. He just couldn’t believe it, I told him not to tell her so I could have the time to clean it.

I took the ring to some friends of mine at Greg Isbell Jewelers and asked what I would have to do to clean the ring. They said give them a few minutes and they would have it cleaned. Once the ring was clean it looked brand spanking new after being lost for 39 years. I called Eddie and told him to have his wife, June out at the homestead the next day. My girlfriend Phyllis and I had gotten out there a little early as I wanted to hunt a little more before June and Eddie arrived. When they got there Phyllis and I went over to make small talk, I pulled the ring out of my pocket and asked if June had ever seen this before? Phyllis had the digital camera to get her reaction. It was much more than I ever expected! She was so elated! She had tears in her eyes. When she could finally say something she said “how much do I owe you for this?” I told her the look on her face is payment enough.

That is what it is all about. To put a smile on someone’s face like that and to know it comes from the heart, you can’t put a price on that. I just felt so good deep inside that God allowed me to do that. I would like to thank Eddie for not telling June, and Phyllis for taking those once in a lifetime Kodak moments. I also thank Gary Fowler for showing me how to operate the MXT detector. And last but not least, I thank God for bringing this all together.

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