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Customer Treasure Finds and Stories

Brought to you by KELLYCO Metal Detector SuperStore. All of the treasures shown below are items that our customers have either brought to Kellyco to show us or have emailed us their pictures . As you can see, a metal detector can unearth some of the worlds most beautiful treasures and bring a lifetime of excitement.

14K Gold Mens Wedding Band-Whites V3i

Today, 1/23/2013 I decided to hit the local park near my house for a few hours since my kids have a half a day of school on wednesdays and hit the playground area hard. remembering what a fellow detector buddy told me, hit the swing area because he had found a few rings there where the parents push their kids on the swings. I hit the front of the swing area pretty hard finding a few coins and hair pins then some parents showed up so I had to step away for a few till they left. Once they left I diligently hit the backside of the swings and hit a few good signals and recovered almost $2.00 in coins then it happened!!!! I got a solid ping, I flipped the switch forward and it stayed on 47 for the 4 swing and STRAIGHT Arrows! I pulled the trigger and swept over the area and it maxed out the Red Bar on my screen! I was a bit confused because I thought a good find would be in the Green bar and after watching my buddy recover a ring in the 7 8 range it wasn't going to a treasure. I couldnt believe what it was but as they say, "DIG EVERY SIGNAL" which I do! I pulled out my Whites Pinpointer and looked at the depth and saw it was in the 3-4" range and pointed the pinpointer right wher I got the strongest signal. I hadnt even hit the ground and it was singing!!! I moved the wood chips aside with my free hand and BOOM! A solid GOLD WEDDING BAND, 14K. I could feel the weight on it was even heavier then my 10K wedding band I was wearing it was AWSOME, Thanks Whites!
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