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Customer Treasure Finds and Stories

Brought to you by KELLYCO Metal Detector SuperStore. All of the treasures shown below are items that our customers have either brought to Kellyco to show us or have emailed us their pictures . As you can see, a metal detector can unearth some of the worlds most beautiful treasures and bring a lifetime of excitement.

Found Bronze Pig with Minelab Explorer SE

While I was metal detecting in England in the Spring 2010, using a Minelab Explorer SE I happened to dig a very interesting target. First, I have to tell you the make-up of the day. It was late March and one of the wettest Springs in their history. Needless to say there was a lot of rain. This particular day was no exception. In the middle of a downpour in England mud (the stuff that sticks to everything), my metal detector rang out a very loud audible tone. I started to dig my target, and dig, and dig...the rain hammering me and the wind blowing...and all I could think was I am going to dig a smashed aluminium can. To my surprise at about 1 1/2 ft. deep, I finally pulled my Target from the hole. It along with about 20lbs. of soil. I pulled a bronze pig/boar from it's resting spot for the last 1800 to 2000 years. And if you can believe this, once I dug this from the ground, the sky cleared and the sun came out, the wind even stopped blowing. My pig and I were both happy to be rid of the mud for a while.

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