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Customer Treasure Finds and Stories

Brought to you by KELLYCO Metal Detector SuperStore. All of the treasures shown below are items that our customers have either brought to Kellyco to show us or have emailed us their pictures . As you can see, a metal detector can unearth some of the worlds most beautiful treasures and bring a lifetime of excitement.

Flying Dutchman Unearthed

Today Denny and I were hunting an old site in our home town. The site has had several homes and business's on it since the late 1800's. Most recently a store stood on the site and it was just torn down to make room for something else. This is the same site that Denny found his first silver dollar.

I was hunting with my MXT with the 4.5x7 Excelerator coil. (Love that coil) We had been hunting for about an hour when I got a solid penny reading. I recovered this odd little figure from about 4" down. It appeared to be a man with wings having a fat belly holding a torch above his head. On the bottom of the figure it reads Moline (MP) Plow company. When I got home I got on the computer and plugged in the name that appeared on the figure. I found that it is the trademark of Moline Plow company. It is a stick pin and it is called the "Flying Dutchman" . The trademark was made official in 1868.

I also found that the item he is holding above his head is an ear of corn. This was an interesting and unique find for me and I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Take care and stay in touch,
Bonnie Idaho
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