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Customer Treasure Finds and Stories

Brought to you by KELLYCO Metal Detector SuperStore. All of the treasures shown below are items that our customers have either brought to Kellyco to show us or have emailed us their pictures . As you can see, a metal detector can unearth some of the worlds most beautiful treasures and bring a lifetime of excitement.

Excelerator Finds Coins & Relics

I've been working around the house trying to catch up on some honey-do's the past few weeks. I couldn't take it anymore. So I loaded up my Explorer2 with the new EQ2 Excelerator 16.5 coil and headed to a farm field were the old town Poor House used to be. It is located on a steep hill, and Family's have been using it for slay riding for over a hundred years. I figured it would be a great place to check for some old coins.

Well it turn out that I was right. My first find was a liberty Head Nickel about eight inches deep. Not a bad start for the day. I detected for about four hours total. Finds were: two liberty Head nickels, three large cents, two buckles, two mercury's, two standing liberty's, one IH, and a nice Bell.

The EQ2 proved to be a winner again. It has excellent depth, and pinpointing with it was easy. This is a Great coil for covering large areas. As you can see I'm very happy with the coils performance.

Thank you for a great product.

Dennis From MA.
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