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Titan 9000 Pro Metal Detector
Metal Detecting Has Never Been Easier

Titan 9000 If you're looking to buy one metal detector that has the very latest metal detector technology, and you want that detector to be used to find different kinds of treasures such as coins, jewelry, gold, buried jars of money, civil war relics and other metal valuables. You would like to use the detector everywhere you could, on land, beaches and even in shallow water, your detector should be very deep searching to get the deeper more valuable coins, rings and other treasures and yet be simple to set up, easy to tune and fun to use, for yourself or perhaps others in your family or even a friend. Of course you would want it to be strong, rugged and well built with a solid 5 year warranty. The Titan 9000 will do all that and more!

The Titan 9000 is the ultimate treasure hunting tool; no feature has been spared. With its super deep advanced circuitry the Titan 9000 responds to your commands with ease. It can respond to pre-selected targets, then accept or reject them as you specify, fine tuning your search. Target ID’s are fully programmable and includes both a true no-motion all metals and motion all metals with four levels of iron discrimination by size.

titan 9000 pro logo Titans large easy-to-see meter shows you what's in the ground and how deep to dig for your treasure finds. And, with Titans Advanced easy-to-use Discrimination Program you can easily tune out unwanted trash & junk to find valuable coins, rings, jewelry, gold and even hidden and buried deep treasures! You get more time to detect without wasting time digging trash

Titan 9000 Series was designed to be used by beginners and professionals alike. All metal detector applications can be used to take make every user regardless of experience, an expert treasure hunter. Titans utilize a new Hyper Fast computer circuit which combines patented technology to give you better performance, more useable features and better value than other detectors for its price.

Comes with 8" standard coil plus special 4" Ground Tracking Advantage search coil.

Read technical information near bottom of page for the
4" special GTA search coil.

Easy To Tune - Easy To Use
With Quick Start. It's As Easy As 1-2-3.

Install 2 Alkaline
9-Volt Batteries
insert batteries
Turn Power On
power button
Start Detecting!
power button
Have Fun!
  • Professional, 6-Mode Operation
  • Motion Target ID Discrimination
  • Motion Discrimination with Auto Ground Balance
  • Depth Reading Mode
    • You will know how deep a coin size target is before you dig.
  • No Motion All Metals for Gold nugget hunting
    • It is the most useful for Gold prospecting and relic hunting and where only deep coins are found.
  • Motion All Metals Mode
  • 4-level Iron Discrimination by Size
  • Easy to use Preset Mode
  • Programmable Notching System
  • Smart Trac ground control
    • With the new Smart Trac computerized ground balancing you will achieve maximum depth.
  • Ground Balance Monitor
  • Target Accept/Reject
  • Digital Target ID System
  • Numbered Target Values
  • ID Arrow Locks on to good Targets
  • Three Tone Discrimination
  • Touch pad selection
  • Sniff and Blanker modes
  • Deep Target Indicator
  • Depth locks on for Coin-sized Objects
  • High-powered 8" Open-face water-proof search coil
  • Operating Frequency 6.6 kHz
  • Internal Speaker
  • 1/4" Headphone Jack
  • Requires Two 9-volt batteries
  • S-rod Handle System
  • Adjustable Aluminum Lower stem
  • Weight 3.5 pounds
  • Limited 5 Year warranty
Titan Banner
Target Identification System:

Utilizing a very fast ZILOG computer circuit the Titan 9000 Pro plus identifies all ferrous and non-ferrous buried target with extreme accuracy. By measuring its effective electrical conductivity which is displayed as a number from 1 to 299 on the LCD screen the ZILOG computer will lock on the targets metallic composition, size and shape. In general, smaller objects, and such as iron, bronze, brass, gold and smaller coins will read in the lower to mid-scale on the LCD meter. Larger objects and objects made from higher conductivity alloys such as silver, copper will tend to read higher. With Titan 9000 you can reject (Tune Out) unwanted junk targets.

Ground Balancing System:

With new Smart Trac computerized ground balancing control you will achieve maximum depth in both the All metals Pin Point and Self tuning all metals modes. Smart Trac does an excellent job at canceling out those unwanted ground minerals that will rob your detectors depth!

All Metals Pin Point Mode:

Finding your target could not get any easier with the Titan 9000 Pro Plus. By simply pushing the all metal pin point touch pad you will know precisely where each target is buried. This special mode does not require the search coil to be in motion.

3 Preset Programs:

You will have 3 levels to choose from, program 1 (low discrimination) which is mostly use for rejecting small iron and foil targets. Program 2 (medium discrimination) that is a special mode that will reject most pull tabs and still find most Nickels and smaller gold rings. Program 3 (high discrimination) is the mode to use if you are working in a higher trash area but Nickels and some medium to larger gold rings will still be accepted.

"Blanker" Feature:

"Blanker" is not an operating mode, but a feature and it is different from blankers found on other types of metal detectors. The purpose of the blanker is to automatically reject targets in the category of a known metal object which was just detected. Easy to use by simply pressing the “Blanker button” when you have detected a target that you do not want to detect based on its Target ID number.

Depth Reading:

When using the Titan 9000 Pro Plus you will know how deep a coin sized target is before you dig. The Titan is calibrated for typical coin-size objects.

Special "Self Tuning All Metals Mode":

The Titan 9000 Pro Plus also features a self-tuning All Metal Mode, under most conditions this is the deepest and most sensitive mode. It is most useful for gold prospecting and relic hunting.

Special Ultra-Slow Motion Technology:

All Titan 9000's utilize an ultra-slow motion circuitry that offers extreme depth when using the advanced Target Identification Discrimination mode. Very good depth on coins and rings is achieved at a very slow sweep speed with little to no reduction in overall depth. You can however, sweep any faster speed that is comfortable for your hunting style.

4 Inch "GTA" Ground Tracking Advantage Search Coil:
Included with Titan 9000 Pro & Pro Plus

GTA CoilThe new "GTA" Search Coil is perfectly "Match Tuned" for your Titan 9000 Metal Detector so you get all the possible depth and sensitivity possible. Larger search coils locate multiple trash targets tuning out smaller single treasures, especially smaller gold nuggets and small gold rings! The "GTA" 4 inch search coil efficiently separates targets tuning out and elimination unwanted trash while still indicating most good treasures. Larger search coils find it difficult to be used in tight spots. This "match Tuned" search coil can easily be used in confined or tight spots where larger coils would be ineffective. This 4 inch search coil is outstanding for finding smaller items like thin gold rings, small (sized) coins, very small gold items, and even gold nuggets in high mineral grounds.

Titan 9000 Pro Plus Look At This Offer!
For an additional $25, purchase Titan 9000 Pro Plus and get the $70 Electronic Pinpointer Detector!

Included: Electronic Pinpointer Detector:
Included with Titan Pro Plus

Electronic PinpointerThis metal sensing pinpointer probe saves valuable digging time by locating metal targets that may be missed when digging holes to recover what your detector locates. It can be used in the holes themselves when probing the sides and bottom as well as the dirt that was removed. Easy to use with single knob control to adjust sensitivity and features audio signal indicator and vibrator. The pinpointer is small and light for easy handling and carrying. Uses one 9-volt battery.