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EuroTek Pro Metal Detectors
with 8 inch or 11 inch DD Search coil
Designed specifically for European hunting conditions

Eurotek Pro The EuroTek Pro is designed specifically for European conditions but work great anywhere in the world especially the United States. We have tested the EuroTek Pro here in the US and abroad, with excellent results and are confident they will quickly become favorites throughout the treasure hunter community!

With new and unique features the Eurotek family will redefine the industry with a high performance, lightweight low cost detector. They have large easy-to-read 1-99 target ID numbers with adjustable sensitivity and discrimination. The Pro models have a unique Iron Audio Volume Control that allows users to control iron target volume separate from other targets. It also has an Iron indicator that alerts the user to the presence of iron even when discrimination is set to reject the iron audio.

Eurotek Pro 11DD EuroTek Pro is the result of years of research and development to bring you a detector designed for the challenging European soil type. Treasure hunter enthusiasts from around the world were involved first hand in the development of this revolutionary new detector. The Eurotek Pro has Target-ID resolution never before seen in a detector in this price range. Special iron identification and audio feedback features are an industry first.

The EuroTek Pro has unique ground elimination ability so there is no need for adjustment in any type of soil. Turn-On-and-Go, Three button operation makes this Target-ID Metal Detector easy and fun to use anywhere in the world!

The EuroTek Pro with your choice of an 8 inch or 11 inch DD Search coil goes one step further with these additional features: Faster recovery speed, a separate Pin-point mode with Depth Indicator in centimeters or Inches, Variable Tone Breakpoint, Volume control and adjustable independent Iron Audio Volume control.

  • Turn-on-and-go; 3-Button Operation
  • Motion Discrimination Mode
  • Variable Iron Discrimination
  • Variable Tone Breakpoint
  • Fast, Sensitive Target Response
  • 2-Digit Numeric Target Indicator
  • Ajustable Sensitivity and Discrimination
  • Volume Control
  • Adjustable Independent Iron Audio Volume control
  • PinPoint mode
  • Depth Indicator in centimeters or Inches in PinPoint Mode
  • 5-Segment Depth Indicator
  • 3-Tone Audio Identification System
  • Including Voltage Control Oscillator (V.C.O.)
  • 8 inch ( 20 cm) Concentric Waterproof Search coil or 11 inch DD Waterproof Search coil
  • 7.81kHz Operation Frequency
  • 1/4" (6.3 mm) Headphone Jack
  • Adjustable length; 41." to 50"
  • Weight with battery; 2.6 pounds
  • Warranty; 5-year Limited
Turn-On-And-Go, 3-Button Operation:

Makes all the adjustments easy for the operator. All touchpad controls are within as easy and comfortable reach.

Fast Recovery Speed:

Target recovery speed is enhanced in the Pro version over the standard model and makes for hunting in a higher trash site even more productive.

Great Target Separation; Excels in Iron-Infested Sites:

The EuroTek Pro allows the user not only to discriminate iron targets, but classifies them by size and signal strength. Ferrous objects will have a target-ID between 1 and 39.

Motion Discrimination Mode:

This primary Mode of operation ties three systems into one superior ultra-slow motion mode incorporating Audio Target detection, numerical Target-ID and 3-Tone audio detection system.

Large 2-Digit Numeric Target-ID Numbers from 1-99:

When objects are detected, the detector will emit a sound and a 2-digit Target-ID will appear on the screen. Possible Target-ID’s range from 1 to 99. This number represents the electrical conductivity of the target detected; higher numbers indicate more highly conductive targets.

Variable Iron Discrimination:

Iron object are very easy to reject by simply adjusting the Target-ID between 1 and 39.

Pinpoint Mode:

The Pinpoint mode is only available in this Pro version and is very useful in locating large and small targets. No search coil motion is required when this mode is activated so any metal object in the search coil’s field of detection will induce an audible response, regardless of whether the search coil is in motion or motionless.

5-Segment Depth Indicator:

Depth Indicator Bar Graph is a graphic representation of the distance from the search coil, and is calibrated to a coin-sized object. More bars indicate a deeper object and fewer bars indicate a shallower object. This feature is only found in the EuroTek Pro.

3-Tone Audio Identification System:

The EuroTek Pro uses a 3-Tone System and depending on the type of metal detected, and the DISC setting of the detector, a buried metal object will induce one of the following sounds: a low tone for targets with an ID of less than 40, V.C.O. (variable pitch and volume) with targets between 40 and 79 and a High Tone with all targets with an ID of 80 and higher.

Ergonomic S-Handle Design with Locking Stem Collars:

Will allow the treasure hunter to adjust the length for a comfortable hunting experience.